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    Well done!
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    and that was done how exactly

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    hint: watch the upper nest near the first nest at 0:17

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiskaron View Post

    hint: watch the upper nest near the first nest at 0:17
    Hooray for Lothar-EU,
    greetings from the horde side

    Thanks for sharing

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    We just put our guide on Wowheads page for this achievement.

    (cant post links yet, so be free to visit wowhead to read the guide)
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    Guide Link - Be sure to up vote if it helps

    First of all, this is not a first try only achievement.

    The achievement basically consists of two parts.

    1) Getting the egg

    The golden egg spawns on the fourth nest, as seens on the screenshot (, about 15 seconds in the fight.
    It first gains some altitude, then dropps down quite fast. (

    In order to get it, you have to burn down the first set of hatchlings as fast as possible. At least one player has to fly to the nest above and catch the egg by flying right through it. The instant he catches the egg, his feather buff is removed and he will start to fall down.
    He gets a new ability with which he can throw the egg at a near location. It's a skill shot with a rather short area.
    You need to aim it at one of your raid members on the platform. (Note: you can also just lifegrip the egg carrier)

    Once you got the egg on the platform, the second part begins.

    2) Keeping the egg intact

    The egg breaks if one of the following happens:

    - The egg carrier dies
    - The egg carrier casts an ability other than the throw he gets for having the egg
    - You throw the egg on a positon where no one is able to catch it
    - The egg carrier is damaged by anything but Quills or the green voidzones
    - The egg carrier falls off the platform.

    So, the egg carrier needs to dodge Caw everytime. This shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    Furthermore, the egg needs to stay on the platform during Down Draft. Since you cannot use any speed up abilities
    yourself, you may have to pass the egg to another raid member.

    It's also important, that the lower nests are cleared quite fast. While Hatchlings attack their current target with
    Cheep, Fledgelings will attack a random target. However, it seems that Fledgelings will always target the egg carrier
    but that may not be true.
    The difficult part about this is when the next round of nests start. Since you cleared the first nest as fast as
    possible, there will be food left. You need to burn down the hatchlings, maybe send some more people or use CDs.

    Juveniles may also destroy the egg but we never had any up.

    Our tactic:

    We sent four people to clear the first nest, supported by some ranged that casted from the platform. All four people
    took their feather and flew to the upper nest to catch the egg. The one who actually got the egg was lifegripped and
    passed the egg to our shaman in spirit wolf. Note that the egg slows you by 30%, so spirit wolf almost negates this.

    To avoid Ji-Kun's abilities, the shaman stood at the outer side of the platform. Before Down Draft was casted, he moved closer to Ji-Kun and we placed some Angelic Feathers behind him, which kept him easily on the platform.

    We used heroism right before the next round of nests started. This way the Fledgelings died before they casted Cheep.

    While this may not be the easiest way to gain the achievement, it certainly negates some of the problems you might face.

    Good luck to everyone!
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    nice so you pretty much have to 9 man it while 1 guy runs around avoiding stuff. i'd imagine this takes a few tries to get right but not a very difficult achievement per se.
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    Thanks for the guide Ryme.
    Looks like it will take around 1more month for me to get the achievement. My guild dont do normalmode for achievements :/

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