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    Combat Mode 2.0

    It's coming.
    It's coming.
    It's coming to kill.

    Personally, I love CM1.1 and CM2 sounds even better.

    Get pumped people.
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    Holy smokes! 2.0 looks flippin' amazing!

    That looks like how GW2 should have been...

    Sweet baby Moses.

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    I like it although I much prefer the art of the UI in the game now than in that mod. But the functionality of the mod seems cool.

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    I didn't use the 1.1 but everytime I use Axe skill number 3 on my Ranger I think how I want this. I ALWAYS try to aim those damn axes to "get" a bigger portion of enemies but it always fires to my target which is never the best option. The only thing that worries me with this is the ground targeting skills, we will see this time around. But it does look good.

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