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    Alright,So I was reading some warlock lore on some of the forums and online and remembered an old story that I made up around 3.1. And I know its not perfect just a rough draft but I feel like its a decent story that maybe someone would like to read ENJOY!

    The Book Of Punishment

    Chapter 1 : Elwynn Forest

    It was a a regular rainy night,I was up late that night. The door slammed open as I sat in my bed glaring out the window,I clenched the window seal as the door made a rickety noise. Both my brothers asleep,a scream came from downstairs; A sort of yelp that pained my ears as if someone had not the strength to cry out for help. I was someone who loved being intrigued back then,But when I tell you I would have rather not have been...I mean it. I crept downstairs and peaked through the stairs,I heard deep voice with an evil tone to it, "You thought you could escape. You thought you can fight me with a kitchen knife? You bitch! I think i'll cut off your legs for your insolence!". I hid and cowered as the shadow of the larger figure grew in size until it enveloped the smaller and I heard a shriek, "STOP! Please no more! Take me,leave my family alone you monster!". I recognized the voice,It was my father, his voice sounded frail as if he had already been beaten. But why? Why would he risk such a thing just for us? If he had run he could have gotten half way to stormwind or even goldshire before anyone even noticed...But he didn't. What a fool he was to protect us. I heard the villainous voice roar something over my trembling feet, "So,The human is brave. You stick up for your wife, You wish to protect her don't you? I think i'll dismember you and make you watch as I defile your wife!". After that my mind was in dismay,I wasn't able to comprehend at the time what had happened or what was even going on. When my mother had let out her last cry all I heard was, "God,Be with them" , I had known instantly who she was talking about and let out a tear knowing that she would definitely die there. The shadow got to its feet and turned around. I thought for sure he had found me,For sure he was going to kill me. And before I had thought another word he had appeared in front of me! Gasping for the air that just wouldn't come fast enough I turned my head and my feet shot up the stairs faster than anyone I've ever seen. I slammed the door only to find my brothers awake in their beds trembling,I thought to myself, "We will definitely die here,We can't possibly fight such a thing!". As the last thought flowed from my mind the door had been pounded in. Grabbed by the neck I glanced at the monster's face,An orc, He had a scar on his left eye and on his chin,His face had a star and tribal tattoo. My mind went hazy as my brothers screamed at the orc to let me go and asking why he was doing this. I slowly tilted my head towards my brother Blake,And then to my brother Sid,I nodded to them saying goodbye. As my head swayed back to stare the orc in the face he jerked me agains't the wall,Shouting, "Puny child,You should have accepted your fate now you will die an unpleasant death! Yo-" and before he could finish his sentence I spat on his face and kicked him in the chest. He cackled and threw me out the three story window...

    The longest moment in my life,Had been my last...

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    Chapter 2 : Duskwood

    "Why do you care what happens to him?"
    "Because he's just a boy!"
    "You and I both know we've seen worse in the third war."
    "But this isn't the third war dear."
    "Either way the doctor said he died from a fall."
    "But I can't help but think that there is more to his death then just a simple fall."
    "Dear you're over thinking this, The boy was found in elywynn theres no murderer's there."
    "But did you hear what the lady at town hall said?"
    "You mean Brit Scarwarner?"
    "She's a lunatic,Last year she told everyone that the sky's were on fire!"
    "But this is different dear!"
    "How so?"
    "She said that their was a lone orc who raided a house and killed an entire family!"
    "Are you serious?"
    "Yes,The lady at the inn where I bought the bagels heard about it too from some travelers who were there not too long ago,She said that they were telling
    her how the SI:7 were all over it with crime tape and even some agents!
    "Now dear,This may just be a coincidence."
    "No! This boy was definitely connected to that orc in some way!"
    "Alright dear,How about we just bury this kid and get on with it eh?"
    "Have you no shame?"
    "For what?"
    "We have to at least show some respect for the dead."
    "I'll give him a flower to put on his tombstone,Happy?"
    "You men just never learn do you?"
    "Now dear,You know thats not true."

    The darkness has swept over my eyes since that moment that time stopped,Ever since then I have felt nothing from death.

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    Chapter 3 : Tombs in Duskwood

    For the first time in a millennium it seemed,Light seeped into my pupils as they had wrung it out. My mind flared,Raging at my heart to pound but alas it would not. I grasped for air but my lungs would not inhale. I saw a shadow in the light,it appeared to call to me like a hand. I focused all my strength to grasping this hand and allowing it to lead me out of the darkness I had been engulfed in for so long. It pulled me from the darkness and images flooded into my mind,All my surroundings flowed into me like an ocean crashing against a shore. When the images had slowed to what seemed like a regular pace I turned and saw something that I wish I hadn't. Across the room I saw a table with blood and a fresh body lying on it. I clenched my teeth and awaited what monster would do this,Before I looked away from the table I noticed a cleaver with my families guild's emblem on it. I looked away assured that it somehow meant I was safe and that for now I shouldn't worry. I saw a mirror and in it a horrid being that stared with wide eyes... ME! I fell to the floor forcing myself to grasp sanity. After a few minutes of wrestling with myself on how this happened to me I heard a door crack open. I jerked my head behind me and saw a big man step from it. In the mans hand was a sword and a torch. He had a tabard on that was unfamiliar to me,It depicted a butchers cleaver with a lamb. The man seemed strange to me,But I never once questioned why he was there or what he did to the man on the table. He took the cleaver from the table and kneeled to me. He showed me his scar and said, "This is the scar that your father gave me back in redridge mountains." I looked at him with a questionable face, "Why are you telling me this? What does it have to do with me? Why are you not afraid of me?" The questions came flowing from my mouth as they had flooded my mind. The man had waited for me to stop asking questions and then answered, "Because your interesting,No matter how much I chopped your body and plagued it with rot,Your body never wilted for long. It always restored itself for no reason what so ever." I was shocked, "How could something like that actually happen? Is this real life?" I thought to myself. I asked him how I got to this place and how was I "alive"? He replied sharply and modestly, "You are here because I witnessed a couple arguing over your corpse and I felt it would be best for me to bury a poor child instead of let a bickering couple defile your honor." My mind was blank,I understood his point of view perfectly. But still I wondered why or even how I was alive. After spending a few hours recuperating from "Death", I soon left the man and opened the door of the crypt to enter the world in a different light.

    Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

    Will continue to update this when I have time.
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