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    2H Frost - when does mastery > crit?

    So, I'm well aware that standard reforging for 2H frost is haste > crit > mastery, but given that some early fights in ToT have a significant cleave or AoE component, and thus higher frost damage, is there a point at which mastery overtakes crit? I'm thinking Horridon, with all the adds, Council, with cleave possibilities (yes, I know that unholy is probably better on that fight, but no Feather is a problem), and Tortos bats.

    Numbers would be amazing (at what %age of damage done does it flip), but I suspect that's hard to measure, so any advice would be helpful.

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    You don't change your stat priority for these fights if you're 2H Frost, you alter your rotation to the Masterfrost priority until you get down to three or less primary targets.

    But that's really only for Mass AOE, Council I tend to just focus on our priority target with heavy single-target; we've got a lot of multi-dot classes as our ranged.
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    Thank you. We don't have a lot of strong multi-dot or cleave classes, so I've been trying to squeeze out every bit of cleave I can - I wasn't sure if there was a point where the mastery gain would increase DPS over the crit loss. Hopefully I'll get a 2nd 1H weapon at some point and solve the issue.

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    If you really think it's needed, then Dual-Wield Frost would be overall better for cleave, 2H brings it's impressive burst to the table, which on Council is very useful as I can reduce our Empowerment durations pretty significantly by just focusing them down then going back to the kill-order we've established.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xachariah View Post
    I wasn't sure if there was a point where the mastery gain would increase DPS over the crit loss.
    There is definitely a theoretical point where this would happen, (assuming you can't go dw for some reason)
    To be fair changing from haste>crit>mast to haste>mast>crit is a negligible single target dps loss (since they're low priority stats anyway) compared to the potential overall dps gain the more targets are in the cleave or the longer the aoe uptime.

    It wouldn't happen on Horridon though because of single target dps uptime and the huge damage buff on him, and I can't think of any other ToT boss where it would be a noticeable difference either.

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