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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunterpower View Post
    oh, oh! i know!
    April fools: The alliance has been the legion all along, Patch notes:
    Alliance has been removed as a faction, all alliance players are now the legion, play as a fel orc! a wrath guard or an infernal. something like that. idk
    Fair enough. I'll go with succubus or the shivas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionspride View Post
    Millie found it.

    Rob Pardo (Lead Designer for vanilla and TBC) is "deeply involved" int he next expansion.

    He's likely getting Lead designer again judging by his successful history with WoW.

    Well happy? ;p
    Not that I didn't believe you, just that your first comment made it sound like the entire team was back.

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    Closing since it was proven false.

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