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    AVR-like Raidleading tool thoughts


    We all remember the AVR addon from its short lived succes 3.3.0-3.3.5. The main reason blizzard broke this addon was because it was so nobrain to deal with mechanic that most players didnt need to know anything but not standing in rings. In Mogushan we got a simmilar effect on Feng encounter where the range was clearly visible ring around you so Blizz isnt against that kind of things when used where they want only.
    Would blizz implemented AVR-like raid leader tool with all but the current raidmarkers disappearing at the pull (like pointers, extra rings and so on). It would make explaining mechanic easyer while keeping the fight intact. (and maybe enabled alltime for LFR).
    Do you think it would make fights trivial again or it would help raidleaders in Normal/HC to explain graphically what they try to say. One click to renew tactic from last week instead of 5 minute monolog to refresh and introduce to the new raiders (who were benched last time).

    for newcomers - AVR was addon enabling you to draw things into the world so you know where to stand or how much range the ticking DoT on you have in nice graphic rings and other cool stuff. the supliment is the 5 flares we got after that.

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    I raided with AVR in ICC and without and I'd must say that it was a better and funnier experience without it.

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    Im sure PvE needs to be more faceroll than it already is.

    Also "top" guilds wont like this because of the fact that they like to come up with their own ways.
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    Tbh, i think raid markers did more than enough for this really, so useful for discussing "plays" before the pull. If they could be automatically removed before each pull, that'd be great though, i cannot stand being in combat with those things blinding players.
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    Well, the point is that you have it before pull and when you actually pull you have normal fight. the toll is for tactic, not to suplement bossmod like it was in ICC

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    OP, this is exactly what I posted on the forums when they removed the UI function used by AVR. To leave it intact but toggle it off during combat. It doesn't trivialize the fight any more than dungeon journal, youtube or a picture like the old Naxx strats.

    Though I wish people would also read the topic instead of just seeing "AVR" and posting complaining about it.
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