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    Are you asking from a lore point of veiw? IF so then there'll be a long wait, about 5-10, if not more years til its able to be rebuilt (all lore wise that is). In-game wise, there is a bronze dragon in elven form, her name slips my mind at this point, near one of its bridges that allows players (not sure if both Horde AND Alliance can talk to said member of the bronze dragonflight) to change between "old" Theramore and the mostly destroyed version
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    wont be happening anytime soon , remember those small scratches on sw towers ?! it took 2 years to fix them... and rest of the damage is still untouched... at least put some warning tapes / cones around that gaping hole in elf area of sw , so people dont fall to their death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arian21 View Post
    Maybe ... I say MAYBE Jaina will move dalaran over Theramore . Someone told me in the book Dalaran is moved from Northrend to some other point in Azeroth .I don't know just speculating .
    Yes it was moved near Stormwind. In 5.1 Patch faction daily quests it is shown. When Horde sneaks in dalaran and frees Sunreavers. It is near Stormwind by that time

    And about Theremore, I dont think it will be removed or rebuilt. It will be like Ruins of Dalaraan .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionspride View Post
    And SW and Orgrimmar took 2 years to repair, and that was only like 2 statues, and few towers.
    Stormwind is "repaired" in terms of a face lift only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danmakus View Post
    Redridge bridge took what? the better part of 5 years or something? i dont even know..

    on a serious note, unless blizzard wants us to go to theramore for some reason, itll be fixed by magic, if not.. smoldering crater for all eternity, wich makes me a sad panda.. was one of my favorite RP hubs.
    they never announced it but go to one of the bridges in the swamp and there is a time dude sitting there, talk to him and u can phase in and out of the destruction /thread?
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