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    Stopcasting and Unnerring vision of lei-shen

    Right, I managed to get my hands on the Unerring vision of lei-shen, but I'm having troubles timing my refreshing immolate with FF and casting a chaosbolt,

    /cast chaos bolt

    ^ above macro is not working as I'd like it to, as in, it does not always cast the chaos bolt instantly after stopping the incinerate cast, and spamming it cancels the chaosbolt incase it started casting it. Is there any way I could fix this?

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    It's not immediately casting the chaos bolt because your gcd is still rolling.

    I'm not sure if there's a macro condition to check what spell you're casting, I know for sure there's one that's just for channeled spells though.

    What you could do is have a stopcast in your incinerate and then mash chaos bolt, but it won't account for any procs while you're not casting incinerate.
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