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    How to reset bartender UI back to blizzards default ui without losing all data?

    I want to have the blizzard default UI without losing all my addon and macro data, help is extremely appreciated.
    If anyone posts delete your WTF, Interface and Cache folders I will <snip>.

    That is all
    Thank you

    EDIT: Solved, had something to do with razer naga addons that were installed. Simply disabled them

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    Disable bartender and it should go back to the original UI.
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    Already tried that, it changes the UI but it does not have to blizzard default UI.

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    Glad to see it solved. Don't use the naga add on, it's pointless and just bloat. Flip the switch on the bottom of the mouse to change it to numpad if you like your 1-= keys how they are and just bind the naga buttons onto the normal bars.

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