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    Addon Making question/Texture

    Hey Guys o/

    I'm quite new in the world of creating UI, I have quick and noobish question
    I am currently using the various WorldStateFinalScoreFrame elements to define my window however if you look at http://wowprogramming.com/utils/artb...eFrame-Top.png for example there are.. well let's call them "holes" in the frame.

    Is there any easy way to fill those with other textures without spending half an hour modifying the x/y dimension values?

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    This might sound weird, download skinner.
    Use the layer feature in skinner and just set the texture just right over it, change the opacity. It's like you don't even have another addon jimmyrigging it. I have come across this before and that was my quick fix, it's a little hard to explain but i'm sure you get the idea. It's all about the opacity settings and setting dominant layer in a situation like this.

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    yeah the point is that I have this:


    You see that the top parts are not opaque the point is that I need this thing to work on its own mostly

    But I get that probably I'll have to stretch and move the textures until they fit

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    If I had to guess, the default frame has an additional texture layered "below" all of these. It probably uses either UI-Background-Marble or UI-Background-Rock.
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    that's correct about the main window background that I covered with the other "scroll" one

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