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    Disha Fearwarden bugged?

    Is this npc bugged for other hunters. I could not get her to come out of the tent and my pet wouldnt attack her. Finally got pet on her but she would only go to half hp then reset. Anyone else having this?

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    It appears to be a common bug from what I'm reading online. I saw in a comment from another hunter: "*EDIT* seems that if you interupt the chains it will keep her from evade resetting on your pet, best of luck"

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    You need to be stood directly in front of here when you silence her to pull her out of the tent. She seems to bug when you silence her though the poles or LoS'ing her.
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    We've received several reports recently about this NPC, and currently are investigating. To anyone affected by this, thank you for your patience!

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    Yep my hunter could not get her out of the tent.
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