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    Your favorite champ per role

    Like what is your favorite to play or to play with, your favorite support, ad, top, mid, jungle?

    My is

    Jungle: Maokai
    Ad: Varus
    Supp: Leona
    Mid: Diana
    Top: Riven

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    Top - Jax / Darius
    ADC - Miss Fortune / Vayne
    Mid - Morganna / Nidalee
    Jungle - Udyr / Xin Zhao
    Supp - Sona / Leona

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    Mar 2011
    Near the Red Buff
    Top: Renekton
    Jungle: JarMan (used to be Shyvana, but new jungle completely killed her)
    Mid: Orianna/Lux
    AD-C: Vayne
    Support: Lulu/Nunu

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    Top: Jax
    Jungle: Vi/J-man
    Mid: Really enjoy the new Karma, think she's a bit weak though until she gets a lot of farm/kills
    ADC: Dravennnnnnnnnnn
    Support: Sona

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    Top - kill myself
    ADC - Graves because I can't play anything else
    Mid - dodge
    Jungle - Naut
    Supp - Lulu

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    Top: Darius, because he can just snowball completely out of control really fast (and opponents seem to forget about his ultimate so they tend to overcommit in trades)
    Jungle: Vi
    Mid: I suck at Mid, picked up Katarina today, maybe not having skill shots makes it better
    ADC: Caitlyn, just loving the range during laning phase
    Support: Sona if the ADC wants sustain, if not Lulu (or Zyra if Lulu is picked/banned), I just love playing really offensive with Lulu or Zyra (and I don't have Leona yet, I read that she can be played really offensive too)

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    Top: Don't play
    Adc: MF/Twitch
    Mid: Kha/Fizz/Vlad
    Jungle: Udyr/Cho as of right now
    Supp: Taric/Alistar/Lulu

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    Top - Cho'gath
    ADC - Ashe(for seriousness)/Kog'maw(for fun)
    Mid - Anivia/Zyra
    Jungle - Shyvana
    Support - Lulu/Soraka/Sona (would say Taric, but he feels gimpy for me now)
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    Jungle - Amumu
    Top - Elise/ cho'gath
    Mid - Swain
    Support - Nami
    Carry - Miss Fortune

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    Top - Riven/renekton
    ADC - Sivir/vayne
    Mid - Vlad/lux and loving new karma here too actually
    Jungle - Vi/fiddle
    Support - Fiddle/lux

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    Jul 2010
    Acherus is my home.
    Top- Pantheon
    Mid- Anivia
    Bot- Volibear
    Jungle- Master Yi
    ADC- Only played ADC once as caitlyn, and sucked terribly at it :<
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    Top - Probably Renekton. Really enjoy Wukong as well
    Jungle - Trundle > Hecarim > Nautilus
    Mid - Kassadin > Kayle - will probably grab Kha'zix next
    AD - Tristana > Varus > Twitch
    Support - I don't support if I can remotely avoid it. If I have to, probably something like Sona > Lulu > Nunu

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    Top: Vi, Kha'zix
    Middle: Akali, Brand, Ryze
    ADC: Welcome to the league of Draven!
    Support: NuNu Bot!!!
    Jungle: Nunu Bot, Olaf, Jarvan IV
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    Feb 2011
    Top: Gangplank
    Mid: Morganna
    ADC: Graves
    Support: Leona
    Jungles I dont jungle.

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    Top - Jayce
    ADC - Jayce Graves because he's easy and I have never get to play adc
    Mid - Jayce / Diana / Kayle
    Jungle - Jayce Vi
    Supp - Jayce Leona

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    Top: Kha'zix I've had the most fun with.
    Mid: Viktor and Anivia.
    ADC: Kog'maw by far.
    Support: Thresh and Blitzcrank. So much control.
    Jungle: Afraid I still don't know.

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    Top: Kayle
    Jungle: Never played...
    Mid: Ahri
    ADC: Caitlyn
    Support: Sona
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    Top: Singed, Rumble, Garen
    Mid: Lux, Orianna, Fizz
    ADC: Caitlyn, Ezeal, Vayne
    Jungle: Volibear
    Support: dont like support lol

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    Cardiff, Wales
    Top: Darius
    Jungle: Amumu, Xin or Zac
    Mid: Sona (yes, Sona!), Diana or Ryze
    ADC: Miss Fortune, Caityln, Ezreal
    Support: Sona, Taric

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    St. Petersburg
    Current (let's face it, changes often):

    Top: Vlad
    Mid: Lux
    Jungle: Shyvanna (everyone says shes weak but I'm counter-jungling like a bawwsss)
    ADC: Cait
    Support: Sona
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