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    Scarab Lord sam86's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    WORST country on earth (aka egypt)
    Top: Nasus
    Mid: Veigar
    ADC: Varus (just because his voice act)
    Support: Thresh
    Jungle: Volibear
    Got lot for every role, but I picked to most I like now

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    Epic! Deylana's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Bucharest, Romania
    Top: Cho
    Mid: Ori
    ADC: Vayne
    Support: Janna
    Jungle: Diana

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    Top: Riven
    Mid: AP GP
    ADC: Varus
    Support: whoever I want.
    Jungle: whoever.

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    Top - Elise/Nidalee. I also like Irelia.
    ADC - Caitlyn/Ezreal
    Mid - Just about anything.
    Jungle - Vi/Lee Sin/Khazix
    Support - Leona

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    Aug 2009
    Beyond the 1% barrier.
    Top: Garen - Spin to wwiinn!
    Mid: Swain - Because there's no situation that can't be improved by turning into a giant killer bird monster.
    ADC: Twitch - Because nothing beat popping out of stealth cackling like a madrat and raping the whole enemy team with Ulti>Cask>Expunge
    Support: I don't really play support, but I had some fun on Thresh.
    Jungle: Vi - Toooo stronk, I don't jungle much, but when I do it's always Vi.
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    Top - Irelia and Nidalee tie

    Mid - Ahri

    Jungle - Eve

    ADC - Ezreal

    Support - Zyra

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infighter View Post
    Top - Jayce
    ADC - Jayce
    Mid - Jayce
    Jungle - Jayce
    Supp - Thresh
    There you go, fixed it!

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    Top - Kennen : I don't do all that well with melee champs, so I prefer to go with a ranged one. Kennen can farm safely with his q, get away with his e, and can rely on a stun to either make a play or get out of a sticky situation

    Mid - Kenne : Okay, and I kind of like to play Kennen.

    Support - Raka : I'll always choose a passive support over an agressor (Leona, Blitz, etc.). Since I'm a healer in most mmorpgs, Soraka fits my play style. I like the amount of protection I can give to my carry and the mana return really helps harassing during the laning phase.

    AD - Caitlyn : She's got a nice range and a good early game, which allows me to focus more on getting a good start to the game. I also think her kit is pretty cool.

    Jangle - Udyr : My first, and one of my only. I picked him up back during mid season two (I think?) when he was a really strong, even iconic jungler. I jungle literally 1 game out of every 100, so there's a tons of champs I'm not familiar with that I'd likely like better.

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    Field Marshal RagequitTheShaman's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
    The training dummies in Orgrimmar
    Top: Riven
    Jungle: Hecarim
    Mid: Karthus (lol)
    Support: Thresh

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    The Patient Someudontno's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Virginia, United States
    Top: Xin Zhao
    Jungle: Xin Zhao or Jarvan IV
    Mid: Syndra (I'm definitely loving the new Karma, though)
    ADC: Varus, Vayne, Draven
    Support: Alistar, Lulu, Leona

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarend View Post
    There you go, fixed it!
    But Jayce support is beast.

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    Top: Fiora
    Jungle: Trundle
    Mid: Karma/Lux
    ADC: Varus
    Support: Leona

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    top: renekton
    jungle: maokai
    mid: vlad
    ad: tristana
    support: no.

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    Top: Fiora
    Mid: Syndra or AP Teemo
    Bot: Varus, or Draven
    Jungle: Nocturne
    Support: Lulu

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    Support - Sona (my main)
    Mid - Morgana
    Top - Voli or Malphite
    Jungle - I never jungle
    ADC - I never ADC

    Been having a lot of fun on Support Naut though lately :P

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    Herald of the Titans Kuthe's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Jungle: Trundle/Udyr
    Ad: Miss Fortune
    Supp: Taric/Nami
    Mid: Cho/Ziggs
    Top: Riven/Cho
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    Dreadlord bloodwulf's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    End of the Universe
    TOP: J4/Vi
    AD: Graves/Draven
    Supp: BC/Nidalee(lol)
    Mid: Kassadin/Talon/Ryze
    Jungle (main): Maokai/Malphite/Nocturne/Vi/J4 (what can i say, i like to jungle)
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    I also own all the consoles and enjoy all of them (except the Wii U, that is trash).
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    Top: Renekton/Rumble
    Mid: Swain/Ahri
    Jungle: Skarner/Diana
    ADC: Ezreal
    Support: Soraka

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    Scarab Lord Phookah's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Zebes, SR-21
    Top: Darius
    Mid: Lux
    Jungle: Warwick
    ADC: Quinn
    Support: Nami

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    Top: Shyvanna
    Jungle: Warwick
    Mid: Fizz
    Support: Taric/Lulu
    ADC: Never tried

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