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  • I'm Female: I'd kick him!

    10 2.17%
  • I'm Female: I'm not sure.

    11 2.39%
  • I'm Female: I wouldn't kick him.

    23 4.99%
  • I'm Male: I'd kick him!

    96 20.82%
  • I'm Male: I'm not sure.

    82 17.79%
  • I'm Male: I wouldn't kick him.

    239 51.84%
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    I am a male. I would probably prefer to break his nose rather than kick his nuts

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    I would mash them with sledgehammer instead.

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    University Students would do almost anything for some beers, or even just for a dare.

    If it looked like they're just having a jolly laugh and joke, I might kick him, but I wouldn't boot his testicles into his throat, that kind of thing could easily damage your very soft testicles, preventing him from having kids, and developing other complications, all for a few laughs.

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    kick him in the nuts

    Quote Originally Posted by TheHeroicKnight View Post
    A few hours ago a guy approached me at my university and asked me to kick him in the nuts. He said that he and his friend were trying to see who could get kicked in the nuts the most by the end of the day. I did indeed kick him, as hard as I could too. As he was on the ground in pain, he looked up at me and said "thank you," and I went on my way. I have no regrets about my decision, in fact, it was actually a lot of fun!

    My question to you is this, what would you have done? Would you have kicked him in the nuts or not?
    As a man I can relate to him. I love it when a woman repeatedly punches, knees and kicks me in the balls really hard. It is a fetish known as ballbusting. Want to volunteer to kick me?

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    That depends, if I like the guy then no, I would not kick him in the nuts.
    If I didn't like him, then sure why not kick him in the sack.
    If it was a total stranger then most likely not.

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    I'd have to get him to sign an indemnification letter first. You know, so he can't sue me afterwards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHeroicKnight View Post
    My question to you is this, what would you have done? Would you have kicked him in the nuts or not?
    Yes, most definitely. If you're stupid enough to even ask for this then you get exactly what you deserve.
    I know I would never wish this pain on others, but such idiots are an exception. I don't think I'd kick at full power though, even idiots don't deserve that much cruelty.

    Also, I have to ask. Is this some kind of weird American thing? I've seen plenty of videos of deliberate nutshots done by people in the US and all I'm wondering is... why would you do that? Are you retarded?

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    taking ti for face value I want to but at the same time I dont I cant bring myself to do it....shit hurts....alot I feel for my fellow bros that get a unwaranted nutshot. Just thinking about it makes my balls hurt and my stomach turn
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    Why? Why should content be gated behind skill?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tennine View Post
    Im female, and im not sure. Honestly it would depend on how im feeling, how much coffee I had that morning etc. However if he did that yolo shit, id kick him so hard... so so hard.
    Would you kick me really hard in the balls?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lloydmark57 View Post
    Would you kick me really hard in the balls?
    Holy necro batman. Really had to search for this one didn't ya?

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    Kicking is not really my thing. So no

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    I think I'd make him pay me, first.

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