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    We have prot pala on adds (druid on boss), I know for sure that they do some taunt-swapping though (I don't really have that much of a clue on tanking).

    We do something like this:
    -Pally pulls boss (DPS blow all 3min or shorter CD's for some burst in the start, no big deal though)

    -1st gate (KILL PRIO: Dinomancer>wastewalkers>small adds) -> druid taunts boss, pally tanks adds, all DPS on adds, we have 1 guy marking skull and everybody just goes on that, you can multidot/aoe a bit but focus on singletarget, this gate is super easy, basically can't wipe here. When all adds are dead, pally taunts boss and drags it over to gate 2

    -2nd gate (KILL PRIO: Dinomancer>effusions>venom priests>chargers) -> paladin tanks all the shit, DPS uses all CD's (except maybe like 6+ min ones, I pop stampede+readiness) to kill everything off ASAP. After adds are dead here i do NOT think that the prot pally taunts boss here, could be wrong tho.

    -3rd gate (KILL PRIO: Dinomancer>Champions>other small dudes>warlords) -> once again, pally tanks all the shit (excluding boss obviously), we use bloodlust here and nuke down the 1st warlord that spawns, after that we switch to the small adds, kill Dinomancer, kill off the remaining small adds and then get the warlords down - they usually die like 5-10 sec before 4th gate adds spawn, so pally doesn't taunt the boss, no time really. Note here, while all DPS are killing the small adds/champions, pally tries to move the frozen warlords (3 of them) around spawning orbs close to the wall, not too close to 4th gate

    -4th gate (KILL PRIO: Dinomancer>shamans>(bears)>flame casters>small melee adds) -> pally tanks adds, kill the 1st bear->shaman (interrupt chain lightning when you can) and then dinomancer followed by another bear->shaman and then the last bear->shaman->small melee adds if there's any left up still. Make sure you try and kill the flame casters throughout this gate as they hurt if they're left up for too long. When everything is cleaned up, move boss to middle.

    -Last phase - everyone knock away their dinos as far away as humanly possible before the war-god spawns. when he does spawn, DPS use potions+every DPS CD you have (5 min ones should be up again if you used them on 2nd gate), you can lust here if you can do blue without it. Just stay calm, nuke the war-god and watch the Dire Call/bestial cry timers, you want to pop all your CD's when the bestial cry+dire call happens within like 5 seconds of eachother (2nd bestial cry usually). After the war-god is dead, heal the tank like crazy and rotate CD's on him. Something to really keep in mind in this phase is that the raid should take absolutely ZERO damage (literally) except for the Dire calls which happens once a minute, so do not stress raidhealing too much at this point. If you manage to keep the tanks alive, people knock their dinos properly and you have some CD's for Dire call (mitigation is really key, shit like Tranq won't help you that much, while barrier/rallying cry/demo banner/spirit link and personal CD's like deterrence, shield wall etc is really really good) you should get a kill easy.

    Sorry if the text is a mess, wrote it in a hurry.

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    My raid can not get this dino down.

    Warning; Elaborate what's your problem. One sentence posts are bit hard to understand. (by Sonnillon)
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    Thank you Zeniel. This is very helpful.

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    Excellent post Zayniel. We struggle to reach the fourth door but the advice you gave will probably help us a lot.

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    Sorry for bumping an old thread. I posted this on the official forums as well...

    Ok....can pallys single tank heroic horridon completely (ads and boss)? If so, what is the gear req and how is it done? I am asking because I saw this log:

    The only two other classes that can tank in there are warrior (who used raging blow, so can't be prot), and druid (who was healing).

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