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    Dev livestream

    From Facebook:

    Super Adventure Box Lead Designer Josh Foreman will be livestreaming a bit of SAB at noon Pacific–just one hour from now! He's even going to take a few questions from the community, so don't miss it!

    Join us at in one hour. ~RB2

    That's about 25 minutes from now for all you non-pacific peeps
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    Just throwing it out there, not sure if there's anything new, but someone might find it useful.

    More worlds and skins will be added in a future update, but not this/next month
    The team working on SAB joined the Living Story team
    The soundtrack might be released on iTunes later
    SAB will be removed in May, but it'll come back later with World 2
    The top 3 most requested / most prioritized skins are dagger, rifle and pistol, in that order

    TL;DR The box will go in May, back with more maps and stuff in June / later.

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    It's good to hear that it will be back with more stuff in it. I played a bit with the SAB and I have to say I'm really impressed by it.

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    I missed it but did they happen to say if they will be putting new content into the game besides SAB.

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