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    am I bad for doing this?


    Since I started dpsing with my pally I have been rolling Divine Purpose instead of Sanctified Wrath and I have been doing fine.

    Now, after 5.2 hit I told myself "I'm finally go with SW" so I did. I didn't like it. I hated it in fact. I feel like the rotation becomes WAAAY too spammy during those wings. Personally, I feel like DP can be less bursty but can sustain your dps throughout the fight compared to SW: when you pop Wings its like HoW is the only button that matters, coupled with TV of course.

    My question is, am I bad for doing this?

    Link to my armory in case you wanna check me out, I'm not l33t geared, but I get by.


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    In response to your post, no you are not bad for doing this. Far from it, this tier is a personal play style choice. I am sure you are aware how the three options work but here is a break down:

    Holy Avenger = Coupled with wings, engineering and trinkets it provides a massive ammount of upfront burst. Great for PVP

    SW = Effectively makes retribution a ranged class whilst wings are up and this was perhaps designed to fill that gap we had when dealing with ranged encounters in pve and also to some great extent in pvp before arena matches. Couple this with the glyph and you have a nice little gift of the naaru available to you every 2 mins.

    DP = This is a great choice in my personal opinion for heroics, where you can have the added rng procs which make life a bit more interesting, the less predictable nature of the procs makes the game a tad bit interesting, and you can sometimes have massive procs i had 12 proc in one single row for me once.

    In conclusion if you enjoy playing with DP and that suits your play style then roll with it.
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    I have had lucky DP procs as well... But I feel like "left out" as every single ret paladin in my guild uses SW.

    Thanks for the information anyhow!

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    If the fight doesn't require a specific moment where high, consistent burst is required for the raid, then you can safely stick with DP.

    I personally have gotten too used to SW after finally learning the "rotation" (priority order) for when I have wings up during lust. Though DP during fights like Horridon where it might help to get lucky procs during adds makes it really nice.

    All in all, its situational and preference. Everyone can have the same talent/glyph/gear but only the skilled ones will shine in terms of dps.

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    I think the three choices are close enough in theoretical dps that you can play with DP without bad conscious when you are not part of a top notch progress guild. Play what is most fun to you

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    If you want to min/max, yes that's a bad choice.
    If you don't care aboutmin/max (normal mode dont need it at all) then you can run with it.

    For me progress needs stable performance, if your raid needs you to do 170k dps and you can only do that if rng is good you're basicly wiping your raid whenever rng is shit. This will never be a problem on normal though where enrages are almost non-exsisting.

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