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    Get the inspiration back

    Since I got my sylvari ranger to lvl 80 and got the armor I wanted I kinda lost the inspiration and motivation for keep on playing. When I started playing I was very eager, but now it's all gone. I know that I'll never will get a legendary cause of lack of time so I was hoping that I would be able to find motivation in something else, but unfortunately I'm struggling. Perhaps some of you can give me some advice to get back in the game.

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    1) Join a guild. Run Guild Missions.
    2) Go for a "mini-legendary" http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Myst...ge/Other_Items
    3) Get world completion.
    4) Check your achievements tab on your Hero Pane, pick some cheeves or titles to go for. Dungeon Master is a really prestigious title to get.
    5) See how high you can get in Fractals. Go for some Fractal weapons or the backpiece.
    6) Join your world's WvW, get on their Teamspeak and defend your world.
    7) Super Adventure Box
    8) Do the Living Story
    9) Collect Mini Pets
    10) Join a guild. Make friends. Do stuff with friends.
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    super. fuckin. adventure box.

    seriously, even if you dont "come back" and play all the time at least log on to do super adventure box

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    This game is so smack-full of awesome content you'd have to be a completely ignorant eskimo to not have tons of stuff to do both while leveling and when you have dinged 80.

    A nice phat contentpatch every month with cool new stuff
    Dailies are different from day to day and makes you go to all kinds of places in the world and discover new areas and events
    WvW is awesome, a game in itself

    etc etc etc theres too much to list really, the only way you'd be dissapointed is if you logged on and just wanted a 40 man raidzone for a geargrind. That kind of dinosaur-content is not present in GW2 and I dont mind at all

    Oh and do get yourself a nice guild. Theres oh so much fun to be had with a guild in GW2!
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    Roll another character

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    Well, if you dont enjoy the game or find it boring, you can try to spice it up with different class or race, but not worth pushing it. Its F2P, just take it off for a month or two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crunk View Post
    super. fuckin. adventure box.

    seriously, even if you dont "come back" and play all the time at least log on to do super adventure box
    what's the super adventure box?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxilian View Post
    what's the super adventure box?
    It's sort of a dungeon related to April's Fools, it will run till end of month. It's like an 8-bit game in a way, both in visuals and in story. You can go to Rata Sum to check it out.

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    Don't play for four months and then pick it up again and have a good time with a new toon.

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    Buy more copies of the game and attempt to multibox it. That will be the greatest challenge you will ever have in any MMORPG. You are allowed to play more than one account. However there is no follow command and on top of that each action that each character does must be the result of a single key press or mouse from a player. You are not allowed to send a single keystroke to more than one account at the same time. Reference to this rule: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/foru...st#post1532762

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    Definitely alts. I have multiple characters at 80 with different sets. Getting the right look and/or stats may take a while (t3, Arah, Rabid gear, MF weapons), and roll a heavy, medium and a light armor profession to keep the gearing fun. Then you can mix it up with dungeons, WvW, guild missions, dailies, and everything else you do. Other things to do are sPvP, getting full ascended trinkets/high level of FotM, dungeon master, SAB, getting stuff for legendary, and probably more I can't think of at the moment.

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    Try warrior leveling, only one class which was fun enough for me after ranger.
    Do all jumping puzzles, they are very fun if you haven't done them yet! I had a long break and came back like a week ago and now play every day! Do all dragons http://guildwarstemple.com and some events, do some daily instances gw2lfg.com for alt gear and not, do the daily/monthy archievs!

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    You know that you don't have to play non stop right?There isn't gear grind.You don't pay monthly,so make a little break then come back.You won't be left behinde.

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