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    Characters you Like from each Race

    OK which characters do you like from each race but you can only choose 1 character per race

    Orc: Varok Saurfang - Need i say more?.

    Tauren: Magetha Grimtotem - Shes a bitch but she has at least some balls to take what she wants.

    Forsaken: Calder Gray - The guy is a lunatic and i love his quote 'Do you know what I like, <name>?' 'No Calder, what do you like?' 'Calder Gray: Murder.' haha love it.

    Troll: Zul'jin - He would certainly have followed Garrosh to glory.

    Belf: Grand Magister Rommath - Bad ass Belf that showed his badassness during the purge of dalaran.

    Goblin: Sassy Hardwrench - The true leader of the Bilgewater Goblins.

    Houjin Pandaran: Ji Firepaw - He says what he thinks and does what he says.

    Tuishi Pandaran: Jojo Ironbrow - Though i dont think he is Tuishi it was either him or that whiny bitch Aysa and i fucking hate her plus this guy can smash things with his head.

    Nelf: Thisalee Crow - If she wasnt a druid she could easily become a badass rogue.

    Human: Bolvar Fordragon - God i wish this guy was still the guy in charge of Stormwind.

    Gnome: Wilfred Fizzlebang - The worlds most incompetent warlock whats there not to love lol.

    Dwarf : Brann Bronzebeard - I would have a drink or two with this guy and im sure we would have a whale of a time swapping stories of our adventures.

    Worgen: Lieutenant "Foxy" Topper - Gotta love that accent and how she talks in cockney rhyming slang.

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    Orc: Nazgrim. The fact that we have to kill him only fuels my hatred for Garrosh.

    Tauren: I always liked Cairne. He wasnt going to put up with Thrall's horrible choice in Warchief and challenged Garrosh to a battle, and would likely have won if not for Magatha's treachery.

    Forsaken: Sylvanas has always been my favorite Horde leader, and by extension, my favorite Forsaken. Not a fan of how she seems to be going off the deep end though.

    Troll: Ever since Warcraft 3 I really liked Vol'jin. He embodies not only everything a troll should be, but everything a member of the Horde should be.

    Belf: Only Blood Elf I've ever really cared for is Lor'themar.

    Goblin: Initiate Goldmine. He was fun.

    Pandaren: Li-Li Stormstout. She's adorable and her quests are one of the only things that made questing in the Valley of the Four winds bearable on my alts.

    Nelf: Jarod Shadowsong has always been one of my favorite characters in lore. He lead the army that pushed back the first Burning Legion invasion. He had Ancients following his orders. He is a badass.

    Human: Arthas. Not even a contest.

    Gnome: Skyguard Khatie, the gnome in Blades Edge Mountains who has a crush on your character that gets increasingly obvious the higher your Skyguard rep gets.

    Dwarf : Fargo Flintlocke. Loved the comic he came from, loved that Cata made him canon, and loved his quests in Cata.

    Worgen: Foxy Topper is also my favorite worgen. +1 OP.

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    Orc: I don't like orcs.

    Tauren: Caine because I played him in WC3

    Forsaken: none

    Troll: none

    Goblin: I like them all.

    Pandaren: Taran Zhu and Chen because they look cool.

    Night Elf: Malfurion because he is badass overall and he is my favourite character in Warcraft.

    Human: Varian and Lothar because I like badass human warrior.

    Gnome: I like them all.

    Dwarf: Muradin because he looks cute but strong.

    Worgen: none.

    Draenei: none

    BE: none

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    Orcs- Varok Saurfang
    Taurens- Noone
    Trolls- Noone
    Goblins- Noone
    Pandaren- Chen
    Night Elf- Maiev Shadowsong, most bad-ass night elf
    Human- Admiral Rogers,Varian Wrynn
    Gnome- Chromie if she count as a gnome
    Dwarf- Sully and Muradin
    Worgen- Noone
    Draenei- Noone
    Blood Elf- Noone. Well actually i quite like Allera from wc2 description as a bad-ass alliance range, but she isn't really a Blood Elf.

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    Orc: Varok Saurfang

    Tauren: Cairne Bloodhoof

    Troll: Vol'jin

    Goblin: Gallywix

    Blood elf: none

    Forsaken: Nathanos

    Pandaren: Lorewalker Cho

    Human: none

    Night elf: none

    Dwarf: Brann Bronzebeard

    Gnome: Sicco Thermaplugg

    Worgen: Ivar Bloodfang

    Draenei: Hakmud

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    Forsaken: Grand Executor Mortuus, über l33t h4x <playername>nub.

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    Orc: Varok Saurfang. He's just great.

    Tauren: I do have a soft spot for Dezco and Baine.

    Troll: VOL'JIN! VOL'JIN! And Prophet Zul!

    Goblin: It may sound weird, but after the short stories, I've grown to like Jastor Gallywix. That magnificent bastard.

    Blood elf: Always liked Lady Liadrin, but Lor'themar's shaping up nicely as well.

    Forsaken: Hmmm... might be the toughest one. I suppose Sylvanas, I can see why she's doing all that stuff, I just don't approve.

    Pandaren: Li Li!

    Human: Somewhere along the line I've actually found I rather like Varian. After the short story probably. What with his portrayal actually becoming less disjointed and all. I also really like Darion Mograine.

    Night elf: Hmmm... Tough one. I did like Staghelm in all his dickishness though.


    Gnome: Gelbin Mekkatorque, when he actually gets to do things.

    Worgen: Darius Crowley and Genn Greymane.

    Draenei: The Prophet Velen.

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    Orc: General Nazgrim
    Tauren: Cairne Bloodhoof
    Troll: Vol'jin
    Goblin: Sassy Hardwrench
    Gnome: Millhouse Manastorm
    Blood Elf: Valeera Sanguinar
    Worgen: Lorna Crowley
    Draenei: Akama (Not sure if he counts but still)
    Dwarf: Muradin Bronzebeard
    Pandaren: Chen Stormstout
    Human: Arthas Menethil
    Night Elf: Shandris Feathermoon
    Forsaken: Lillian Voss
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    Orc: Varok Saurfang
    Tauren: Hamuul Runetotem
    Troll: Vol'jin
    Goblin Every member of the Gob Squad
    Gnome: Either Toshley or Linken
    Blood Elf: Lor'themar Theron
    Worgen: Darius Crowley
    Draenei: Vindicator Maraad
    Dwarf: Kurdran Wildhammer
    Pandaren: Chen Stormsout
    Human: Jonh J. Keeshan
    Night elf: Jarod Shadowsong or Broll Bearmantle
    Forsaken: Nathanos Blightcaller or Lillian Voss

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    Orc: Varok Saurfang
    Tauren: Baine
    Troll: i hate trolls
    Goblin : i hate goblins as well
    Gnome: Millhouse Manastorm
    Blood Elf: Valeera Sanguinar
    Worgen: Darius Crowley
    Draenei: Dornaa npc kid from the seasonal qs
    Dwarf: Kurdran Wildhammer
    Pandaren: Chen Stormsout
    Human: Jaina
    Night elf: Tyrande and Illidan
    Forsaken: Lillian Voss
    High Elf: Vereesa Windrunner
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    Orc: Garrosh. For sheer likeability I'd pick Saurfang or Nazgrim over him obviously, but I'm a villain's guy, so I still pick Garrosh.

    Tauren: Baine. Cairne was great, but did jackshit after Warcraft 3. I'm liking where Baine is heading. Gotta give a "shoutout" to Hamuul too.

    Forsaken: Putress was a cool villain.

    Troll: Zul'jin, Rastakhan, Zul, Vol'jin, there's many likeable troll characters.

    Blood Elf: Lor'themar is the only Blood Elf I haven't hated.

    Goblin: Gallywix, he's just the perfect Goblin leader, get the money no matter what cost!

    Pandaren: Lorewalker Cho is such a nice and relaxing guy.

    Night Elf: Malfurion, shame he's so downplayed in WoW.

    Human: Uther, Bolvar was cool too. Tend to not like many Humans though.

    Gnome: I love them all as comic reliefs.

    Dwarf: Muradin, simply for the badass factor.

    Draenei: Akama if he counts, otherwise they need more focus.

    Worgen: Genn is a likeable guy. We seriously need more Worgen characters.

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    Orc - Thrall - I still like Thrall, Thrall is just cool. I mean yea I got sick of him in cata, but now I just want him to come back and kick some ass! Unleash the ghost wolves!
    Tauren - Cairn Bloodhoof - Just a cool guy, he stood up to Garrosh, and unfortunately that ended him.
    Troll - none - I HATE Vol'jin. My biggest hope is that before Garrosh bites the bullet he plants Gorehowl in Vol'jin's skull.
    Goblin - none
    Blood Elf - none
    Forsaken - Dumass
    Pandaren - Chen Stormstout - I thought I would hate this guy, but really he's pretty cool.
    Human - Admiral Rogers - She hates the really hates them. That makes her a swell gal in my book.
    Night Elf - Illidan Stormrage - This guy is just badass and really misunderstood. He deserves to be with Tyrande. Malfurion is a tool.
    Dwarf - Magni Bronzebeard - He said he saw strength and honor in me...that's enough to get on my good side. Plus when I was a wee nublet I saw him take on a horde group that came to kill him, and he pwned every last one of them with almost no help. I will never forget that.
    Gnome - Millhouse Manastorm - This guy is like a bad penny! But I can't wait to see him again.
    Worgen - none
    Draenei - Justinius the Harbinger - this guys is STILL OUT THERE defending the Outland portal. Plus he gave me my Alliance battlecry "honor and GLORY to the Alliance!"

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    Human: Varian Wrynn
    Dwarf: Moira Thaurissan
    Gnome: They have like one character so that guy
    Night elf: Tyrande/Shandris (more so Tyrande in spite of recent... developments)
    Draenei: Nobundo
    Worgen: Genn

    Orc: Varok Saurfang
    Troll: Vol'jin
    Tauren: Hamuul Runetotem
    Forsaken: Sylvanas/Godfrey
    Blood elf: I like all of them, but Rommath takes the cake
    Goblin: Gally

    Pandaren: Taran Zhu

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    Orc: Lantresor of the Blade. Half-orc, half draenei. He's a blademaster and Leader of the Boulderfist Clan in Outland.

    Tauren: Gamon. From drunkard to hero. Can't wait to see him in 5.4!

    Forsaken: Shademaster Kiryn. She's cool.

    Troll: Troll Axethrower from Warcraft 2. "I got axe for you!"

    Blood elf: Scout Captain Elsia. Cute little blonde.

    Goblin: Ratchet Bruiser from Vanilla.

    Pandaren: Scared Pandaren Cub.

    Night elf: Priestess Kyleen Il'dinare. Hates naga. TBC nostalgia.

    Human: Anduin Lothar. The Lion of Azeroth.

    Gnome: God no.

    Dwarf : Falstad Wildhammer. Know him form the Day of the dragon book. High Thane of the Wildhammer Clan.

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    Orc: Saurfang
    Human: Tirion Fordring (maybe the only good human in all of Warcraft)
    Tauren: Fleet Master Seahorn
    Troll: Bom'bay (who cares that he isn't really important in lore, I have tons of good memories of his random fun buffs/debuffs for completing Echo Isles quests)
    Goblin: Megs Dreadshredder
    Gnome: Millhouse Manastorm or Finkle Einhorn
    Blood Elf: Liadrin
    Night Elf: The only good Night Elf is a dead Night Elf
    Draenei: Akama
    Dwarf: Kurdran Wildhammer (I used to like Brann, but he's shoved on us more than any other lore NPC, in every expansion)
    Worgen: one of the diseased worgs from Felwood/old Plaguelands
    Pandaren: Lorewalker Cho
    Forsaken: Nathanos Blightcaller

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    Orc: Broxigar , obviously

    Tauren: none

    Forsaken: Lich queen aka sylvanas

    Troll: none

    Blood elf: kael'thas count?

    Goblin: i hate goblins

    Pandaren: Hidden master!

    Night elf: Illidan count?

    Human: Varian and Arthas

    Gnome: none

    Dwarf : Muradin

    worgen : none

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    Orc: Lantresor the Blade

    Tauren: Hamuul Runetotem

    Forsaken: Kiryn

    Troll: Vol'Jin

    Belf: Lor'Themar Theron

    Goblin: Megs Dreadshredder

    Pandaren: Taran Zhu

    Nelf: Rell Nightwind

    Draenei: Akama

    Human: Mathias Shaw

    Gnome: Millhouse Manastorm

    Dwarf: Moira Bronzebeard / Thaurissan

    Worgen: Darius Crowley
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    High Elves: Alleria Windrunner

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    Orc: Even if im alliance i like badass orcs like: Broxigar, varok, garrosh (wotlk)

    Tauren: Baine

    Forsaken: none

    Troll: none

    Blood elf: the only one that rly stand up is lor'themar

    Goblin: pretty much all goblins are awesome

    Pandaren: Tharan Zhu no doubt

    Night elf: Lady maiev

    Human: Fordragon, Arthas, Uther, Tirion

    Gnome: ALL GNOMES

    Dwarf : Muradin and pretty much all mountaineers and ironforge guards, they look sooooo bad ass.

    worgen : none

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    Orc: Gul'dan, since he's one of the only notable warlocks (until recently).
    Troll: Zen'kiki. I loved doing the quests to help him become a druid.
    Tauren: Baine. I like how he's shaping up to be.
    Forsaken: Calder Gray. His lines were hilarious.
    Blood Elf: Lor'themar. His actions on the Isle of Thunder were badass.
    Goblin: Tough one...but I'd have to say Megs Dreadshredder. She's pretty awesome in the end.

    Human: Jaina. I can't wait to see what happens with her next.
    Dwarf: Sully. I want him narrating my life.
    Gnome: Kelsey Steelspark. Her banter with Megs is awesome.
    Night Elf: Tyrande. She's always been awesome, now she just needs more screen time.
    Draenei: Velen. Same as Tyrande, he needs more screen time, but he's a very cool character.
    Worgen: Genn. It's nice to see him humbled.

    Pandaren: Taoshi. I wish she would be featured more after this expansion.

    I could post more for even NPC races, but I'll stop now. lol
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