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    Rerolling, any tips how to gear up?

    So haven't played since 5.2 and gonna start playing my ele shammy now in 5.4. Any ideas how to gear up to raidready the fastest way? I have 460 ilvl, 20k gold, no charms. pretty fresh. Hate rerolling this exp...

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    5.4 and the Timeless Isle will make gearing up extremely easy for alts. So you came back at a good time. Just participating on the Timeless Isle with one character will net you tokens for 496 gear which you can send to any of your characters both Horde and Alliance or keep it for the character you're playing on. From there on you can try for the slightly more difficult to get 535 gear on the timeless isle or jump into flex or LFR when it's wings become available.


    Valor Gear from all previous patches has now been changed to Justice, meaning you can buy 489 and 496 gear with JP. The Shado-pan Assault gear still costs valor but has it's price reduced by 35%. Not bad for 522 gear.
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    Okay, thanks for the awesome info dude! Need to read up on that isle.

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    If you need gear before you hit the isle and don't want to wait for gathering justice or valor you could get a head start by getting crafted PVP gear. There's also crafted epics but they would be a lot more expensive.

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