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    Well then what are you really arguing? Because I was responding to someone who said Smite glyph = more DPS =gem/reforge for more throughput because fights are shorter = less healing/regen needed.
    Oh, if that was only where your response was, then there wasn't much to argue. I thought you were making a general point that DPS is useless, because I can't figure that anyone would give that specific argument any credibility at all.

    Having taken a look the only glyphs I'd say are really "mandatory" for Throne of Thunder are penance and (maybe) inner sanctum, with the third one being a toss-up. A point I will make though about Holy Fire is that many fights will have you closer to the boss, because 40 yd within the tank's hitbox is not the same as 40 yd within the boss hitbox.

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    No, my point about DPS in general was that, while useful, it isn't always the right answer. Slimming down to one Healer in a 10man might seem attractive, but largely undoable. . I might not have been clear on that.

    My point on the DPS from Smite glyph was that it's not as useful as just saying, "well it's more DPS, so things die faster", mostly because it's such a small gain to begin with.

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