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    Honestly I'm surprised it took them this long to kick voidshift from rated. Though it is interesting that they lowered the cooldown for it for the healing specs even if it's only by a minute (5 down from 6). The massdispel nerf was somewhat expected on my end but the end result seems weird to me. Healing specs end up unchanged if glyphed while shadow gets the back to unglyphed model no matter what (nerfed slightly more so since no more bubble/block break if not glyphed). I expected this change to be a clean sweep through all the specs rather then just shadow. Only thing here i'll end up missing is being able to dispel on demand, Just going to have to get used to hitting the button 1 second sooner now that's all.

    Overall nothing too huge.

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    Good change, Spriest was getting out of hand.
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