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    as of yet next part of lfr isnt out....

    server have been up for well over an hour now

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    WHY BLIZZARD WHY?? Why cant u make a new animation for those horse mounts, that have wings??
    Most people cant see what is wrong the current one, but I'll gladly tell you: You gave the animation of the hippogryph to all these kind of winged horse mounts. Problem is that they have shorter legs, than horses supposed to have, and they move their legs very differently. A horse's hoof should never swing back and forth like that when it is flying or running!
    Because this way it looks like a retarded pony!

    I would LOVE all these mounts, the Celestial steed, the Invincible, and of course these new ones! But now i only see the them as a group of mounts, that could be sooooooooo much more awesome, but blizz didnt have the time/energy/will to create a new animation for them. And that saddens me greatly. I 've been hoping that they will be fixed someday, since i first saw a mount like this in Wrath of the Lich King, but now i realize, they wont.. Retarded ponies are not my type.
    Details can make a great game an awesome game.

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    I've been wanting a pegasus mount for years now, and when i saw the word pegasus on that datamined icon i was ecstatic. After seeing this, i'm not so much anymore. I wish theyd use the Headless horseman's mount animation, give it the grand gryphon's wings, and color the wings the same as the body, instead of the mane. The red one is the closest i think we'll get to a flying felsteed with wings. which is sad.

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    Haha - Oh lawrdy;
    People getting their panties up in a knot over an extremely successful April Fools joke.
    Please kindly direct yourself off the internet if you can't handle seeing practical jokes for one day of the year - because they're around for the others.

    And go Ghostcrawler!
    Not bending to that whiner's demands. I'm actually growing a lot of respect for the guy for not catering to the "need it now cuz mah alt" crowd as much as he could.
    I swear these people cannot catch a clue that it's an RPG.

    Pegasus mount? Eh. Going to agree with all the others they need a new skeleton.
    Herpy derpy legs. Only one that kind of pulled that off is Invincible because it's a broken up zombie horse that would obviously be well; Busted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emah View Post
    its funny because i use elvUI and that didnt happen to me, what they did on mine was something along the lines of "Thank you for your contribution, we have dedicated all your hard earned gold to charity" lol
    I believe you need to update, cause the joke you mentioned was removed during testing of patch 5.2 on PTR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kikazz View Post
    as of yet next part of lfr isnt out....

    server have been up for well over an hour now
    I'm curious about this as well. Usually the new wings will open up immediately, don't know what the deal is this time.

    edit: the new wing just became available for me.
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    premium MR.Robot f*** that bs -.-

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    Quote Originally Posted by tidus4eva View Post
    Does every new horse mount need to sprout wings and fly?
    Consider your typical 90 in the game...Unless you RP or spend a LOT of time in SMC or Exodar how do you get around? You fly. I understand where you're coming from, really, I do; but keep in mind the thought processes behind most capped players: "I want convenience!" If they were to offer just a plain old ground mount nobody would REALLY want it all that much because there aren't enough constant situation in WoW where you can only be on a grounded mount. PvP and the few instances/parts of raids where you can mount up aside - in today's game flying mounts are really the only way to make anything appealing to the mass of players now.

    That said - where the hell do you even get those mounts?

    Also - WHAT IS WITH THE STUMPY FUCKING HORSE LEGS?! I really want to know why the hell Blizzard keeps using these horse models. They have short, stocky, little legs - reminds me of those shetland ponies or whatever they're called. When I see horses I see long, lean, legs...FIXXXXX IT!

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    Pegasus looks very nice... not as good as it could have been but still quite nice.
    I just hope if it is a store mount that the 2 colors mean they are not faction versions.
    Most likely Ally blue/horde red.
    Red imo looks way nicer than the blue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigToast View Post
    Have you completed the other wings of ToT LFR?
    Yes, I have.

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    Good on ElvUI's devs.

    However, it makes me wonder... how come Blizzard never does stuff like that for April 1st?

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    Quote Originally Posted by greyghost View Post
    Good on ElvUI's devs.

    However, it makes me wonder... how come Blizzard never does stuff like that for April 1st?
    Lol? Blizzard actually did this every year.

    -dance studio
    -guitar hero class
    and alot more blizzard allmost had jokes every year.

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    They need to fix that model stretching in the pegasus feet, it looks bad and is very distracting, reduces the quality of the model.

    Also, the position of the wings shifts the central point of gravity, which would in turn cause the body to tilt upwards like it was climbing a steep hill.. They need to be shifted behind the shoulders, not infront on the neck (which looks more like a giraffe neck than a horse neck, goddam was this thing inbred with camels?)
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