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    Ji-kun heroic

    Quick question. I'll be on nest duty tonight in one group. Due to the aoe nature of the eggs, wondering if its better to go high mastery for higher aoe dmg or haste as I got the 4 set to go with the RPPM shenigans.

    Thanks in advance

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    I'd stay haste personally, that's what I'm doing on ji-kun.

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    Mastery benefits your AoE more the longer the targets are up. The nests are really more "burst AoE", they don't live longer than 15s if you're doing your job right, so I prefer haste to get in more MS + ISS than rely on the harder hitting SrS up on everything.

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    Many thanks guys.

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    Going haste or mastery wont make that much of a difference really, but instead getting the food buff will make the biggest difference.

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