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    Confused by SIMS and Weapon Choice

    I am using the HC taoren upgraded and i got a drop of the normal version of the wep from Durumu.

    Everything I have read on here said Taoren is better, but i thought I would sim it and see for myself. Few tests and Taoren was simming out better but I can not understand why.

    Essentially the difference I can see between the 2 weapons is as follows (very rough figures):

    290 Agility
    600 Mastery

    650 Wep DPS
    600 Crit

    According to Female Dwarf stat weights are

    Agi – 4.9
    Wep Dps – 3.9
    Crit – 1.6
    Mast – 1.05

    Simple math states that Durumu should be around 1,400 DPS increase, but sims show a 500 DPS loss.

    Should i trust the math (which relies on the stat weights being correct) or should i trust the sim?

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    I would tend to say maths. Try femaledwarf.com, could be helpful.
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    A 517 Taoren with both the legendary gem and the extra socket should be better than a 522 weapon, last I checked. I have neither of these things because H-Lei Shi and ToT hates me, but that's what other people who did the math suggested.

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    HC 2/2 Taoren is only ~300 less Weapon DPS. If your Taoren is not 2/2, you should use the 522.

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