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    I'd love to see a Vaelastrahz 2.0,. that fight was the absolute pinnacle of teamwork and epic fights.
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    I would have a big raid with 8 other bosses, and whenever anyone pulled any of those boss all 9 bosses of the raid will agroo and will do OEA spells at the same time and then frezze the tank and kill the healers

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    I'd start using all my strongest abilities instead of waiting till 20% to do so.
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    If i was a boss in a raid, i would randomly pop in front of a random raid member, scream like hell, do something scary in front of them, and dissapear. And i will have a mechanic that requires you to have your game sound on.
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    If I was a WoW Boss...

    I'd run away!

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    I'd hide or push you away :P

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    If I was a boss, I......

    1. Carry no loot*
    2. Use Armor/weapon break skills
    3. Cast Reflect on myself
    4. CC the healer
    5. Summon an army of Rabits

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    I'd glitch out all the time to piss the players off and be a dick. I'd evade glitch and despawn at the worst moments, like when the raid group is 1% away from getting their world first kill after they've been wiping 5 hours a night for the last 5 nights in a row. And I'd make it so that when you put in GM tickets to report it, your message to the GM would come out as Gibberish (think what Neltharion did to Krasus in order to keep him silent).

    The players started it, after all. They're the ones who came to my house attempting to kill me so they could loot my corpse. NO REGRETS.
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    I would aggro the person who heals the highest and watch everyone freak out at the tanks in lfr for not getting aggro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crym View Post
    The Faction Champions fight was a blast because there was no real "tanking". Was hilarious to watch all the members in our HToC group who were the "I'll never PvP because I'm a raider!" types die repeatedly because they had no knowledge of how to use cooldowns that weren't designed to up their damage.
    giggity, I thought this too

    If I was a boss, I'd be summoning none stop atods and other ghouls and gargoyles, and freeze the healers, while the ghouls slowly gnaw away at players,

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    Quote Originally Posted by wariofan1 View Post
    Nefarius got it right: "Kill the one in the dress"

    Anyways, I usually imagine that the tank simply flips the boss off with the middle finger, and it pisses the boss off so much.
    Like your avatar xd

    If I was a boss I would be totally random and unpredictable

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    i'd make my raid more like total wipeout.
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    I would fight just like Archimonde, but I would reduce my Fear cooldown from 40 sec to 1 sec, my Airburst cooldown from 6 sec to 1 sec, and I would increase the number of Doomfires active on the field by 1000%, and I would do it on one of those small levitating platforms in the Coldarra about a thousand meters off of the ground.

    Good luck, adventurers.

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    If I was a raid Boss, I would Enrage right away! Why wait for 4-5min??

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    I'd steal that ability from the two spirit cats in Hyjal that does increasing damage based on your armor value, just for the entertainment of watching people have to raid naked.
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    If I was a boss I'd randomly warp around the instance, screaming this Imagine fighting some trash when suddenly the raid boss warps in right next to your healers.

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    If I was a boss I would rule/destroy the world instead of standing in a huge empty room picking my nose waiting for 10-25 heroes to come and beat me up. Also I would install huge steel doors to my lair and lock them with super demon magic instead of an open portal inside. I mean really you're basically inviting people to come in.
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    I'd just be taunt immune and melee clothies & healers first
    Damn bosses still fall for the yo mamma so fat jokes by tank.

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    Switch it up

    If I were a WoW boss, I'd have two phases: one in which I am actually multiple characters (5 for 5 man, 10 for 10, etc) with separate health pools, each standing for a role in the raid. I would then function like a raid group would (attack the healer, interrupts, tank the DPS, heal party members, use class cooldowns and moves, etc.) and force players to obey an agro table of their own.

    Phase 2, after the first group was killed, I/we would then come back with identical names, appearances, and classes to the opposing group and the raiding group would be afflicted with a permanent (for the fight) Maddening Shout (sans the damage, I just want to shake them up with it). To shake things up, my clones would also copy anything the original said.

    I would have the most transmog-worthy gear of any boss and would have an Old Gods themed lair, to account for the madness.

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    Go for healers first also did noone think of "nananananananaana" when reading the title but me?
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