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    I don't really think Orcs would fit as Paladins, maybe Priests but not Paladin. But sure, Blizzard can change, form and create the lore exactly as they want it.

    In my opinion, I think the Blood Knight lore with ''Stealing the Light'' is really lame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen Ultima View Post
    You know, I was thinking about this the other day oddly. Priests: Priest is just an overarching term for anyone who draws power from their faith to help others/themselves. While Humans, Belves, Draenei, Dwarves (if they don't draw faith from Titans), (I think Gnomes) draw from the Light, non-Light Forsaken draw from the Forgotten Shadow, Tauren and Nelves draw from Ans'he and Elune respectively (who could be argued to be connected), Trolls draw from the Loa supposedly, and I'm not entirely aware of what Pandaren priests draw from but probably from the idea of the Emperor and the Four Celestials (but in more of a theological way than Monks). There's two important words that all of these have in common: Faith and Canon. Faith is the belief directed at an entity (or the Light, which is often revered indirectly with things like Naaru or the Sunwell) which is considered to be "right" and "just", and is the way the universe should be. Canon is, basically, the backstory of the faith, Elune creating the Night Elves, the Emperor sealing away the evils of Pandaria, the Loa and their various triumphs, etc etc. Priests draw their power, their philosophy and their mindset from their Canon and Faith. Meanwhile, Orcs don't have ANY of that. They have the veneration of the elements and ancestors, but that falls primarily under the mark of Shamanism for many reasons (most especially because they don't believe the Elements or Ancestors are anything "above" their universe, but parts of it that guide). If Orcs are to become Priests, which wouldn't be impossible, it would have to come from some severe shift in beliefs, I doubt to Light or Shadow, Loa is a possibility but stretch. If I were to make Orc Priests (note: -if-, I'd rather not have Orc Priests) I'd have a sect of a brand new religion pop up in Orgrimmar as a response to all the bad things that have happened and have the Orcs so desperate they're willing to believe in this new religion (in a sense, out of desperation creating their own Faith and Canon).

    Paladins: No. Priests may be an overarching term for actors of various faiths, but Paladins are specifc in form and deed. Even Tauren Paladins could be argued because at least, if worse comes to worse, they could play the "act of praying to Ans'he for fidelity/humility causes them to do good in the Light's 'eyes' and so wield the Light indirectly" card which they haven't yet, with Orc Paladins I doubt they'd have that sort of backup.

    Also, Undead Paladins, three simple reasons. 1) Paladins could not be raised by undead means (all Paladins that became DKs were like arthas and weren't raised). 2) Light burns the Undead (their priests are mostly Shadow priests, and the few Light priests suffer for the sake of the other races they help, Paladins channel the light within them so wouldn't survive unlike Priests who direct the Light). 3) After 2006 Blizzard has vowed to never allow any race that can have spikey hair to become Paladins. Also you must forfeit your /dance to become a Paladin.
    3 quick things; 1, the Forgotten Shadow is non-canon as it's from the RPG books which are officially non-canon. 2, Dwarves worship the Holy Light as well, and not the Titans, as the Titans have nothing whatsoever to do with the Light.
    Oh, and Paladins can indeed die and be raised as an Undead, this was changed with Wotlk, as the "Death Knights were Paladins who willingly turned evil" bit was from Warcraft 3. - Example would be Alexandros Mograine.

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