Biggest issue i have with GW2 atm is that it does not live up to the expectations that where partly created by the community and partly by arenanet themselves.
The dynamic events are fun, or at least most of them but they aren't what was promised, they aren't truly worldchanging dynamic events, they are just there on a cycle and they reset.
The "hearts" in an area are just a disguised form of "kill 10 boars" quests, they just don't get given out in the traditional way (by a questgiver) but in the end it is exactly the same.

What keeps me playing at the moment is the personal storyline, because that is a great aspect of the game and can easily live up to singleplayer RPG experiences. also i am curious about WvW, because it looks really fun to do. After i level to 80 and finish the storyline i might actually do WvW for a while. But my expectation is that i won't play the game for long, because the "dynamic" events are just not good enough to keep me interested for a long time.