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    Starting a Monk after not playing since release week HELP.

    So i decided to give D3 another shot and this time around I want to play a monk, how are monks to play and what stats etc do i need to main?

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    Monks are very...um...generic? The basic spec looks like this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculato...YSk!XUa!abYcca

    You can alter it a little without losing it's main effect. I use this instead: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculato...XSk!XUb!YbYbaa

    Quickening and Exalted Soul let me spam a super buffed (since the previous patches) Wave of Light. Master of Wind because I have issues keeping Sweeping Wind up between combat, and I like to use my spirit elsewhere.

    You can use a Tempest Rush build, but it requires a lot of money.

    Stat-wise, it's also pretty generic. Attack speed is always good. the faster your punches, the more your life on hit/steal and cyclone proc. Get a high crit chance so Cyclone procs more. Then just your basic dex/vitality/all resist/crit "holy god why is it so overpowered" damage.

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    you lose a lot of dps and sustain not using cyclone. is your crit rate very low and no loh/ls or something?
    wouldn't you be better off getting even cheap inna's 4 piece?

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    I have Inna's set, but the problem is they roll really bad. The chest can't roll dex/vit/all resist unless you pay tons of money, while limiting the amount of vitality you get (max is 100 unless it rolls twice, in which case it can't roll resists). The belt can only roll one or the other, vitality or resists. The legs the same way. So, defensively, it's a very poor set. The legs are necessary for the movement speed and attack speed. So, dropping the belt and chest for better gear makes sense. Cyclone isn't as important as people think. Sweeping Wind itself is mega important for dps and area damage, but Cyclone doesn't proc enough or do enough damage to be a major factor.
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    i'll test on ghom tonite. you have me curious.
    honestly, i think you are missing out on a LOT of damage, but i'll time it. it may be because my attack speed and crit is higher.

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