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    Q: Did they fix the BG bots?

    Hi, I played pandaria very briefly when it launced, but stopped because of the heavy botting in BGs, have blizz fixed that yet?

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    The very basic follow-bots have likely been diminished since Blizzard disabled the /follow command in BGs in 5.2.

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    Ordinary BGs are really crap anyway, due to immensely geared people stomping on no gear people.

    Play RBGs, no bots there.

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    I did IoC a few days ago at about 2am, there were about 30 bots (no joke) all clumped up who didn't move out of our keep. Unfortunately, the opposing faction had better luck, and we got destroyed. :/

    tl;dr - Nope. People are still botting.

    /Hopes for the removal of PvP gear-grind.

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    I personally haven't seen any obvious ones since the patch.
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    No they didn't fix bots at all. The /follow change did virtually nothing, now the bots just follow enemy players instead. Bots as rampant as ever.

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    I haven't seen many bots lately, at least not in the numbers when they were before /follow was removed.

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    I dont see the bot your most likely talking about anymore. But, however. There is a new bot on the market I think. I see enemy players following ME, all the freaking time. They dont do anything, their mounted up and they just run after me. This have to be a new bot, I dont see any reason for so many enemy players to just follow me mounted in every bg im in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kojo View Post
    No they didn't fix bots at all. The /follow change did virtually nothing, now the bots just follow enemy players instead. Bots as rampant as ever.
    Yes, but at least they're much more obvious and easier to report now. I even report bots on the opposing team, because hatred of botting scum knows no faction boundaries.

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    they wont fix them
    blizz just offer token gestures, thinking it will make the public think they are doing something productive

    bots provide blizz with too much money so they wont get rid of them
    they would rather lose 5 real players than 10 botters

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    botters are paying subscribers too.

    blizzard likes money.
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    TBH I never saw a lot of bots. Might be because I always premade and roflstomp one shot everyone

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    Like people told before .. some kind of new bot is effective atm for sure ..
    I had almost every bg enemy players mounted just /following me untill they got beat to death or dead
    At least it gives easy hk ... but for the rest every random bg is utter faillure

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    it won't be fixed unless they change he points system. You should earn honor for completely tasks during the match. kills, heals, assists, objectives etc. Then bots will need to be very creative because you wouldn't just be able to get free points for just being there during a win. I admit I used to do it myself (not botting) but being extremely lazy and doing the bare minimum during a BG, it was too easy. Blizzard still rewards you for doing nothing but just being there. its lame.
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    NO no wall of text needed guys

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    A: Nope. Nope they have not.
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    Blizzard DID ban a shitton of bg botters. Rest assured they did, and they still do. It's way better than it previously was.

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    There have been no large ban wave very recently, however it also comes down to people thinking just about everyone playing badly are bots, without understanding how they work. Most bots these days use active pathing ( Disable click to move would do more then disabling follow ) and actually seeks combat, that is were it becomes difficult to seperate a bot from a player that is just mindlesly farming the middle.

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    Blizz will never really fix botting, it's been going on for 9 years and to be frank, they make money while people do it. In fact the only big things I've seen them do to try to curb it end up weakening pvp as it is, they've:

    1. Far and large removed items you can buy through honor and sell for a profit, you used to be able to bot for epic gems and then sell them on the AH
    2. They've made it so you can pretty much get geared up so quick that you won't need to bot long
    3. Next patch pve gear won't be that bad in pvp, another reason why you may not need to bot

    Keep in mind they used to actively look for these types and reprimand them accordingly. Now they just change the gameplay for everyone else.

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    I have been doing BGs like crazy the past few days in the lvl 85-89 bracket. I got 3 levels just from BGing and I haven't seen a single bot.

    At least for low levels it seems fine.

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