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    Question WoW Jeopardy - Guild Event


    I have to post this in the general category, because there is no Guild/Raid-Management section (As I suggested. )

    So - For our next guild meeting (this summer) we are planing to play Jeopardy with my fellow folks. Right now we are looking for cool categories and tough questions!

    Some categories I could think about:
    • Twinks in the guild
    • Guilds on our server
    • Zone/Flightpoints

    I am very thankful for every suggestion!


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    Zones/Flightpoints might be too broad. You could try things like:

    Night Elf History
    Pre-Cata Zones
    Dragon Aspects

    And pretty much anything else. Plenty of questions can be posted: Deathwing's original name, where did Night Elves come from, who the Last Guardians were and so on...

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    A common thing on Jeopardy! is to have a "I give you this, you give me that" kind of trade. I give you the book list, you give me the author, for example. So you could do:

    Boss, by quote
    Class, by talent options
    Expansion, by crafting material
    Faction, by named members
    Instances, by trash mobs (bosses would be too easy)

    There are also the exact quote ones. For example a category called "GG" Team would have only answers with double G's, such as Eitrigg, Hogger, Noggenfloggen Elixir, Spriggin, etc.

    And finally, you need at least one silly category like "Current Horde Warchiefs" or "classes that rhyme with Arlock".

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    Thanks for your inputs! Special thanks to Breccia!

    I really like the idea with the double GG, think is some people in my guild are playing with the original language file (english) some with the translated ones (german).
    But that's a good input, cause whe always should write down the answers in englisch+german (for example boss quote)


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    This reminds me of the TriviaBot addon. You might find some ideas there: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/trivia-bot/

    "WoW history" might make a good category. Stuff like:

    - In what patch was ammo removed from the game?
    - Which expansion has the largest number of 5-man instances?
    - Which instances were required for Karazhan attunement?

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