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    Quote Originally Posted by KBWarriors View Post
    How popular are Challenge Mode Dungeons and Rated Battlegrounds out of curiosity? I play on Illidan and getting a group for either of those on there is hard as hell.
    ...and you having problems on Illidan makes it automatically a dick move? Would you be happier to PuG and wipe it there for 20 attempts (when you know from LFR that ppl quit after a couple of failed attempts)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    Oh joy, the abundance of hostility in this thread is just great to see.
    There is always that "report post" button.....

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    It's only 2 other people besides yourself. I'm sure you have 2 friends that would be willing to queue with you....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad_Murdock View Post
    I might be the odd man out, but I don't find scenarios fun. It's hard to imagine people saying "Man, I love scenarios, I wish they were harder!"
    Maybe not the odd man - but when GW 2 introduced the end of the holy trinity (or so I interpreted posts of that time...hopefully I am not confusing things) - there was much rejoicing. Also in WoW we have seen an endless string of complaints for long queue times as dps because tanks and healers are rare.

    Blizzards gives creative solutions: extra rewards for a role in short supply and now scenarios that can be completed even with 3 dps...maybe not with 3 healers, but I doubt they will match you like this. Heroic scenarios are a step up to deliver something for the many and varied interest of the players. Naturally not everything is for everyone....

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyHellfire View Post
    Yeah, it's too bad, another feature I would have been really interested in, but will end up ignoring completely. Same thing with Challenge Modes and rated BGs. I just can't be bothered with redundant oversocialising with players just in order to experience more interesting and challenging content. Oh well.
    Hm..but experiencing "challenging" content with "complete strangers" isn't that concept as your signature implies "fundamentally flawed"? Imagine you could queue for Hardmode raids in LFR. It would just be an endless wipefest if you assemble 25 randoms - even if it was on the basis of ilv. I already doubt LFr would work with normal raid modes...but one never knows....

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Hm..but experiencing "challenging" content with "complete strangers" isn't that concept as your signature implies "fundamentally flawed"?
    Not really. I did initial Cata heroics with randoms, I've done TBC heroics with randoms. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. That's OK. Just because you don't know the person, it doesn't have to automatically mean that they're bad. I also don't think that heroic scenarios will be comparable to heroic raids, just as Cata heroics weren't, so I think the comparison is a little bit off.

    The difference compared to Cataclysm is: there is easy content in the game now. The "baddies", as people like to call them, queued for heroics in Cata because there wasn't any more suitable mode of endgame content for them in the game. That's different now, and I can imagine that after some time, a lot of people who obviously don't cut it in a heroic scenario or challenge mode would simply stay away from them anyway.

    The thing that Blizzard is doing right now is that in a way, they're supporting ingame class society and stereotypes a little bit. They way they're separating "interesting" from "banal" content is as if "casual" and "bad" were mutually inclusive, just as they're kind of acting like if you're a skilled player, this automatically means that you're interested in some tight-knit community of pr0s.

    It's kind of a pigeonholed design at the moment. Oh, you're not in a guild, well I guess you're not very good at the game, here's some daily quests and scenarios. Oh, you're a good player? This means you like to hang out with other cool people all the time, here's some stuff you need to manually pre-queue for. I don't really get it.
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    I like General Off-Topic. It's really cool to see people with My Little Pony avatars advocating for genocide.

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    I was never a fan of pugging things that are meant to be hard and require everyone's effort, as well as teamwork to accomplish completing the dungeon (etc).

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