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    iLvl 522 vs. Breaking Tier 14 Set (LFR)

    I've read different stories on this.

    I have a iLvl 522 glove. Is it a DPS gain or lost to break my 4-piece tier 14 set (LFR) for the gloves? The gloves in question are these: Gloves of Tyranomancy vs. Sha-Skin Gloves (iLvl 496). I haven't ran sims on it, yet.
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    Never, maybe when you have 2 pieces to replace
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    4p t14 is pretty strong, you most likely dont want to break it anytime soon but since its only lvl 496 it might be worth it sooner than later. Nobody can really tell you unless you simulate your character the exact value of such napkin math upgrades.

    Considering it's even hit / crit gloves, you don't want to equip those anytime soon anyway (atleast as affl / demo)

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    I just ran sims on it. It's a DPS lost.

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    is your tier set LFR, or 496? I am confused.

    I got the 522 tier legs tonight, and they would break 496 4-set bonus, but it was still a 600 dps increase according to sims.
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    2 pieces are 496, the other 2 pieces are 483 to make the tier 4 piece set. The piece in question that might've been replaced was the 496 gloves. But, after I simmed it, it was a DPS lost. I'll sim again tomorrow on a higher iteration.

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    I just simmed myself changing out t14 (504 leg tier, 496 chest tier, 496 glove tier) for t15 (502 leg tier, 522 glove tier, 522 chest offpiece) and it shows as a gain of about 3k (Affliction), winding up with ilvl around 510 equipped with the change.

    I was actually pretty surprised that going from 4-set t14 to 2-set t15 with one piece actually being lower ilvl was an increase ... figured it'd be a slight loss since most of what I see people saying here is that it's worth it to break t14-4 for t14/15 2+2 set with two normal-mode tier pieces ... maybe I was overestimating t14 2-set.

    And maybe what's most surprising is that it's a fairly-significant mastery loss, since I have more crit on the gear and had to change one of my 320 mastery gems to 320 haste in order to make 6637 (I had simmed with lower haste and more mastery first ... it was still a gain over what I was coming from, but not as much as 6637). Actually I did fudge things here a bit because I switched out a 489 belt for a 496 belt I think only on the final sim. Either way, even between my original sim and my highest one, it's around a third of one percent difference -- but I figured I'd add to the discussion.
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    Sim it, but I imagine there is a slight dps increase to take the 522 ilvl. The amount of stats you get is huge from 483>522.
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