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    Average ilvl to complete ToT normal?

    Our guild raids 6 hours a week so at some point we know we will have to extend lockouts to complete the tier. We just killed Ji-Kun last week and think we can push 5 maybe 6 bosses in our first night, leaving 3 hours for progression. Our average ilvl is about 505. I can't post logs yet on these forums, but we are Exiled Mercenaries on US-Proudmoore.

    As a guild, we want to complete the tier soon but we don't want to run into immovable walls if our ilvl is going to hold us back. So basically, what is the recommended ilvl to complete 10m normal ToT?

    Thanks in advance.

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    508 will make it comfortable. You'll be fine.

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    505 would be sufficient to meet healing and dps checks

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    We cleared it in 505 the first week

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    We raid similar hours to you and are at 10/12. Last week for our Sunday night raid we managed to do our 6 boss farm (we hadn't killed durumu yet) in about 2 hours with roughly 505 ilvl avg across the raid. So if you manage to push your farm kills to 1-2 attempts per and nail the trash quickly (there's lots of room to speed up pre-Meg trash for example) you should be able to fit in 4 hours or so.

    Assuming that Lei Shen has similar gear requirements to Iron Qon, 505 should be able to push you through as long as you execute properly, either way, Primordius, Animus and Qon were very quick kills for us (1 shot, 8 shot, 5 shot respectively) so once you push past Durumu you'll be able to start farming gear very quickly every week and will probably end up at Lei Shen at an average of 515.

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    We also raid 6 hours a week we will try to start early occasionally to get a bit more time. Generally though, 6-9 on tues / wed. Tonight we started early like 5:10 or so, and we cleared through to and killed iron qon by 8:40, With a few wipes on a couple bosses and dark animus trash. You just need to make sure with such lil' time that your raid is focused the entire time with as little down time as possible. Once you've killed a boss 2-3 times you really shouldn't be wiping on it, if it's the same group.
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    505 is alright for beginning the instance, obviously you'll get more gear as you farm it. You can finish it in 505 but more realistically you'll end up being 510 by the time you actually down 12/12 unless you raid longer hours.

    I wouldn't extend lockouts really, the gear increase this early in a tier is too much. If you do your farm well and don't wipe to farm bosses you should be able to clear 3 bosses per hour so you still have plenty of time for progression.
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