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The Super Adventure Box thing reminds me of the year Blizzard tried to trick everybody with a Atari 2600 version of Molten Core, never actually releasing anything. I think efforts like Anet's should be applauded. No doubt Blizzard and other mmo producers are watching intently. Finally, there's healthy competition in the mmo business. WoW players should be excited that Anet is actually standing its ground against Blizzard, because this means Blizzard no longer has control of the mmo market, and soon they must make calls that we, the players, can only benefit from. It's continued pushes like Super Adventure Box that reminds us WoW is no longer THE mmo, and whether it be a switch to F2P or actual content releases for even the silliest of events, WoW must change to stay in the game.

It's an April Fool gag. I think you might be reading a little to much into it. LOL.