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    Item Upgrades in Patch 5.3

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    Item Upgrades in Patch 5.3
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    As you’re probably aware we introduced a new system in 5.1 which allowed you to upgrade some gear a few items levels at a time by paying with the PvE (Valor/Justice) and PvP (Conquest/Honor) currencies. In 5.2 the Voidbinders (NPCs who perform item upgrades) took a break to let people focus on just acquiring new items with their points. It also gave us time to evaluate the system, and decide how we want to continue supporting it.

    PvE Item Upgrades in 5.3:
    • Voidbinders will return to their places in capital cities and shrines.
    • Items upgradable by Valor now require 250 Valor to upgrade per 4 item levels, for a total of 500 Valor for 8 item levels per item.
      • This is retroactive to all items that use Valor.

    • 5.2 Justice items now require 750 Justice to upgrade per 8 item levels, for a total of 750 Justice for 8 item levels per item.
      • This is retroactive to all items that use Justice.
      • This is higher than Valor to account for the increased acquisition rate of Justice since patch 5.2.

    We still like the upgrade system for PvE as a way to make steady progression against bosses you can’t quite kill yet. You very predictably earn Valor every day, and use that Valor toward increasing your character’s power and overcoming an obstacle. It’s also good that Valor always has a use; it’s a currency we always want to be valuable regardless of where you are in progression.

    The thing we didn’t like about item upgrades previously was that it created these rather brutal decisions where you were essentially betting against yourself, or having to offload large sums of Valor to keep from capping. If you just got a belt, but next week you’re going up against a Heroic boss that drops a best-in-slot belt for you, you might bet that you’ll get that belt and so you’d wait to upgrade it. But that’s complicated by the issue of being Valor capped and needing to spend some. So you dump Valor on upgrading a different slot and just hope you don’t replace that one instead.

    In 5.3 the costs are dramatically cut to the point that these decisions are far less brutal, and you can pretty easily upgrade every slot instead of hedging bets against specific slots being replaced or not. In the example above you could go ahead and fully upgrade that new belt for only 500 Valor, as opposed to the 1500 it would have cost you before.

    PvP Item Upgrades in 5.3:
    • Malevolent Gladiator’s Conquest (Season 12) items that have upgrades available are still upgradable at their original costs.
    • Dreadful Gladiator’s Honor (Season 12) items that have upgrades available are still upgradable at their original costs.
    • No other PvP items are upgradable, and no new PvP items for the foreseeable future will use the upgrade system.

    It shouldn’t be too surprising, given that we’ve already come out and said it some weeks ago, that item upgrades are essentially not coming back for PvP. It’s something a lot of PvPers asked that we remove, it’s something we didn’t feel worked out too well, and so unsurprisingly the result is that it isn’t coming back. We’re still probably going to allow the Season 12 items that had previous upgradability to remain upgradable, as noted in the bullets above, but it’s not something we’re absolutely certain about at this moment. We’ll let you know if that changes.

    Because gearing in PvP is based almost entirely on currency purchases, Conquest and Honor already always have a use, and we ask players to amass a lot of them to continue gearing. Honestly it was fairly unanimous that balancing the means of gear acquisition against upgrades just didn’t make good sense, at least with the current systems.

    Let us know what you think in the comments, or on Twitter @Warcraft.

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    Yay. A reason to get valor. :P That seems REALLY cheap per upgrade though. I like it.

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    I approve of this change for PVE.

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    Meh, never liked it because it makes me feel like I have to cap valor every week but at least they reduced it to 250 points/4 ilvls as opposed to the 750 it used to be so it won't be that big of a pain in the ass.

    Definitely a move to the right direction.

    Btw looks like they removed the official post about it, it gives a 404 error atm.

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    Nice - I like the reduced valor cost and the non-forced upgrading for PvP. Good changes imo.

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    Interesting that they didn't decide to vary the cost per slot, a weapon upgrade is worth 10 times a ring upgrade but both cost the same valor.

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    No more pvp-upgrades. Great change!

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    Thank god they are bringing the upgrading back. Now all we need is an approximate release date for 5.3 in the near future.

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    I think that's a good decision for both PVE and PVP. Very happy with that.

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    I agree with both sides pve and pvp!, i hate the upgrade system in pvp.

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    Blizzard redeemed.

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    Better upgrade prices ftw.

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    I still have nothing worth spending my honor on when I'm capped.

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    So in other words you can funny upgrade 2 items a week. nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ej33t View Post
    I still have nothing worth spending my honor on when I'm capped.
    Yes you do, turn it into Cata mats and sell on the AH.
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    What do they mean by "Retroactive"? 5.1 and 5.2 gear or everything?!

    edit: oh never mind. (gotta keep reading)
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    A smart move both ways. Impressive that they were able to figure this out.

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    OMG, hey there !

    Finaly there is some hope left, that they can actualy make changes until santa is coming to town. And a good one too! Hopefuly they get the patch ready soon, so they can tweak some pvp stuff too.

    *crossing my fingers right now"

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    So it went from upgrading 2 pieces of valor gear every three weeks to each week? Spiffy, the cost isn't so ridiculously high per piece now that I may actually use it.

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    Guess this is better but they still need to give HC raiders more valor, having to run daliy dungeons when you are farming everything on HC just to get fully upgraded is so stupid.

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    Glad they did this. A welcome change for sure.

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