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    Rated Battlegrounds - Problems


    We're a Rbg at the 1600/1700 mmr, but somehow we just don't stand a chance against the 1800+. We just gets destroyed. However I got a few things I think will improve our games. First of all let me post our setup ATM.

    Paladin - Holy
    Druid - Resto
    Druid - Resto
    Druid - Balance
    Priest - Shadow
    Rogue - Sub
    Death Knight - Frost
    Mage - Frost
    Hunter - MM
    Druid - Guardian

    However sometimes we play with a DK Blood instead of the Guardian, a warrior instead of the Druid Balance and a monk mistweaver instead of a druid - However thats not my point.

    What I think really sucks here is first of all we're missing a warlock. Warlocks really got strong singletarget damage, and also got nice aoe and ccs. Second is that I (Hunter) is the target caller, which is just lame in my opinion, we should have a DK target calling, however our DK frost is rerolling to a warlock so our Warlock problem is solved.

    Now I am really considering to reroll Unholy Death Knight, cuz I feel like a hunter is not viable in Rbgs, yes they really rock at defending points and that's my only concern. I actually really like to play on my hunter cuz it's really fun, however I should not target call, cuz I loose to much focus on ccs.

    My question overall: How good are hunters in rbgs, should I switch to DK.

    My second question: Who should defend points? Cuz atm it's a mage, which I personally don't like because mage got really nice ccs and damage.

    My third question or not really a question: Please post some good setup and anything else we're missing that could increase our rating, you know stuff like who should die first, who to cc.

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    Personally, I wouldn't go without a hunter. My teams hunter is just awesome at slowing down the EFC, if doing flag maps. They are always good at base maps because they can go invisible and yell if they see inc and cc the opposing team just waiting for backup. This is where it's good to have 1 person patrolling bases so it's quicker for them to back up said defenders/hunter.

    I would give you tactics but I'd only be helping the opposing team
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    I do know this, but keep in mind that I'm the target caller, which really sucks. I know how to play the hunter, but i'm also the best in the guild to target call, so I'm kinda trapped here.

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    Get your dk to target call, it will help a lot since he can keep someone in one spot for a lengthy time, Have him cordinate with your boomy to Deathgrip/root/solar beam blast someone. (If he has aoe death grip this works well too as you can insta gib someone if you get a slow out and they are all stuck in the beam for 2 seconds.

    The lack of a warlock or 2 isn't a big issue but they are a force to be reckon with in rbgs, mind you without a lock or 2 you probably won't get top .05% because they work so well in team fights.

    Hope this helps some
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    Yeah I know, our team actually knows all this, but like I said before our DK is rerolling Warlock, because he first of all thinks DK are too borin. That's why I'm considering rerolling DK

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    I'm not the greatest player by any means. I have 2100+ RBG experience so not terrible either. I play many alts with mmr ranging from 1600-1900 as well. Someone with higher experience might have better advice, but these are some of my thoughts. It's a different game at higher rating, so a lot of the QQ about comp/class balance/map balance doesn't have significant effect at the rating you are currently playing at.

    As for the hunter thing:
    Doesn't really matter at your rating (or the rating you're trying to push (assuming around 2k)). I've seen many teams with hunters above 2K. Whatever class you feel most comfortable with will probably bring you the most success (some limitations obviously). Comp starts mattering more and more the higher your mmr gets, but at 1700 - 2K it's not THAT big of a deal. More importantly is coordination/strategy/teamwork/skill/awareness and play.

    As for the warlock thing:
    Yes warlocks bring a lot to an RBG team, there is no denying it. Having one (or more) would definitely add diversity to your comp.

    As for the DK thing:

    Pretty much the same as the lock statement. Frost is more desirable than unholy for RBG's at the moment because the AoE damage, but you mainly bring the DK for grips and gorfiends grasp anyways.

    As for the Target calling thing:
    It doesn't matter who is calling targets really. It's easier for a DK to do this because grips, but that doesn't mean they HAVE to be the one calling targets.

    Having a DK calling targets also means that the kill target is in your melees range, or at least should be. An inexperienced ranged class calling targets can often over look this and results in not getting all your DPS on the target.

    Target callers often make or break an team. You need someone who is vocal and has high game awareness to be calling targets. I've been in successful teams with locks/hunters/mages calling targets at 2k+ mmr. It's more about the player than the class; melee does have its advantages though (especially DKs).

    As for the comp (although you didn't specifically ask):
    Adding some diversity could help balance out your team. 4 druids is a bit much. You might consider swapping out one of the resto druids for a resto shaman for the utility.

    As for who should defend:
    Tanks should be able to solo defend a node long enough for backup.

    Hunters/locks/mage/WW Monks are nice because not only do they have more ways to break CC, but they also have pets to interrupt caps and are more durable classes.

    For me it would be something along the lines of (in terms of choices):

    First: Tank
    Second: Hunter
    Third: WW (partly because they are ok at doing it, but also that having your teams locks/mages in the "big" fight is important)
    Fourth: lock/mage

    IMO a greater importance is how capable the player is able to solo defend.

    As for kill targets:
    It's not as easy as making a list. It's more about cooldowns and positioning. E.X. swapping to a pally who has bubble on CD or a melee who is over extended is generally a good target. Also try to purge/tranq shot/dispel a target to open someone up for an easier swap.

    But generally specs with less personal defensive CDs would be best. DPS shaman, DPS druids, and DK's are among the classes with the least personal survivability. Getting a full spell lockout on a frost mage (from frost spell) is also a good target since they can't block.

    Here is a thread that might be of some assistance to you as well (it's stickied in the PvP forums). A lot of it is geared at higher mmr teams, so take it with a grain of salt if you will. There was another one by a different author a while back that was pretty good and focused more on lower mmr, but sadly I couldn't find it.

    Best of luck in your future RBG's

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    Thank you very much, I will look into this.

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    - Dont use a hunter. But if you insist on using it, atleast make him go BM.

    - NEVER use Blood DK as fc. It's just crap.

    - Get a Rshaman instead of two Rdruids.

    - Paladin should be the one escorting FC and be the FC's personal/main healer if he needs help.

    - GET A WARLOCK. Maybe two, maybe even three. Then you will have to get rid of your SP, DK and Hunter.

    - A good Unholy DK can do so much more than a Frost DK, and will always be better if played properly.

    - Rogue and tank (In your case Guardian Druid) should defend nodes.

    - Your main target will always be overtexting targets. Overextending targets is often melees like DK or Rogue, these are easy killtargets. If your going for a kill on a DK you should always silence him, a DK is a wet noodle while silenced. If no targets are overextending you should go for grips/kills on DK's, Mages, Rogues, Hpala, Shadow Priests/Disc Priests.

    - Your Rogue should ALWAYS be on enemy healers, and not on the same targets as everyone else unless its on the FC or TC calls for a smokebomb kill

    - Every class can call targets. In my opinion, ranged classes are even better targetcallers than melees, because you dont really have alot of melees in RBGS these days, and that kinda cuts the whole reason why a melee should be TargetCaller (Only the melee knows when they can get to a target blablabla). I am targetcall as Boomkin in high rated rbgs (Everything from 2k - 2.4k), it works excellent. Also got a lot of positive feedbacks from high rated players.

    Setups I've had good experiences with:

    Hpala/Disc Priest

    Frost Mage



    Hpala/Disc Priest

    UH DK


    Hpala/Disc Priest

    UH dk
    Frost Mage


    And so on, you get the point. Teams that can pressure enemy teams all the time.

    And remember this, Target Calling will ALWAYS decide if you lose or win. Atleast, almost always. The team with the best Target Caller and the team with the best reaction to the targets being called will be the team winning.

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    agree on switching 1 rdru for rsham. Sometimes my guild's priest doesnt show up so iam replacing him as rdu. And i feel a lot of synergy in hpally-rdru-rsham combo.
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