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    alright, don't know why, but this really bothers me. someone else posted the same thing on the original page to try and discredit the info. i mean, in my RL circles, when you want to remain ambivalent, you purposefully state "he, she" so you don't eliminate 50% of the anonymity. i mean, that is the whole idea of anonymity isn't it? using "he, she" does not in the slightest mean that the author doesn't even know if his source is a male or female. really, do people not do this around the country?
    Mynsc has already clearly stated that he doesn't even know who the source is.

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    Hi, I'm the writer. I can assure you that there is no conspiracy behind all this and it's not something I've done just to get some hits.

    It is true that I do not know if the source is a male or female, although I've talked enough with him (using male term from now on for easier writing) long enough to have a v good guess. I do know quite a few other details about him though, enough to identify this person quite precisely.
    But not precise enough to know whether it's a she or a he? I think you're bullshitting, but we'll find out soon enough and I will be happy to stand corrected if what you say turns out to be true.
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