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    Get Gladius addon as well.
    This is one of the best addons for arenas. If you're intrested, You should read some more.
    Here's the link -

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    So there has been lots of advice in here but I think people are missing some key ideas that will help you out.

    1.) Don't get angry. There will be people that win because they are better, there will be people that rely on gear, there will be people that win because of their class against yours. You will be on some terrible teams, you will be on some awesome teams. Bottom line is that if you are getting angry about it, then you should do something else.

    2.) Play with friends. It will be SOOOOO much better if you are queuing with 1-2 like minded people and you guys are on skype together. You can not only joke and have fun you can talk about what is going on in the game and discuss pvp in general. It is much more fun when you are losing as well if you have friends there to laugh with you about it.

    3.) Play Alts. You don't have to be super geared and high rated to understand the basics of another class if you just play them a little bit. If you don't have time to level classes, when the PTR is up make characters there and play them. It iwll help you tremendously to understand what someone else is going to do, when they are going to do it and how you can counter it.

    4.) Pick outnumbered fights. In random bgs I will actually usually go against the crowd and seek out 1v3 fights. AB is a good one for this, as you can generally pick a node that is not being attacked that will generally have 1-3 defenders. This gives you very good experience in knowing who is the real threat, how best to defend yourself while your partners are in CC and unable to peel/heal you and also the best way to put out pressure on multiple people. You may also just turn some games when you get good.

    5.) Play. A lot. Like most things in life, the best way to get better is to play a ton. Play a bunch of random bgs for general information, do 2s cap with anyone who asks in trade (some will be terrible but you will get experience) and make some friends to do 3v3 with. If you are new and you try to do 3v3 with seasoned players you will not be with them long. Most seasoned pvpers have no patience to try to help new players, and as such you will get dropped once they see you in action.

    Also, speaking from experience I have tried to help some new players get into arena and nothing pisses me off more than when they don't know basic stuff about their class. For example, I had to teach a resto shaman how to use unleash elements, it wasn't even on his bars! You will get much more help from other players about things like positioning, when to play defensive, cooldown usage, etc when they are not having to tell you how to do basic things about your class.

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