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    Been Waiting a Long Time for This (25 player)

    simple question: anyone recently obtained this ach? done it twice in a week now and not giving credit, first try he had 31 stacks. second he had 33,

    bugged or whats going on :s
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    This is a classic mistake. What stacks on the Lich King is Plague Siphon, but what you need to stack to 30 for the achieve is Necrotic Plague. Which is what jumps between the adds and the players. Ignore the numbers on the Lich King and count the highest stack (you'll get more than one Necrotic Plague jumping around) on the adds.

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    You need to be looking at the necrotic plague stacks on the adds it jumps to, lich king stacks have nothing to do with it, he could have 30 stacks but there could be multiple plagues on the adds.

    So you need to have an add with a 30 stack of necrotic plague on it.

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    You must have an add with a 30 stack of necrotic plague.

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    If your tank dies.

    You are doing it right.

    1 tick from a high stack of plague will instantly kill him (^^_)

    Edit: If there is alot damage on the adds. You might end up needing sum1 to grab the 28 - 29 stack and get it cured.
    Tank should only use taunt and any looooooooow damage threat abilities to keep just above healers.

    Keep a backup dps/healer for that extra tick.
    I took 30th tick from tank and cloak of shadowed it in the corner away from every1 else
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