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    [FROST] Simcraft: 2pT14 vs 4pT14 vs non-set Items

    Sooooo, I've seen some aspects of this popping up in various threads, but none seem to have a clear answer to my question.
    Hopefully you won't mind me asking in a new topic. I'm currently blessed with 5/5 T14 (2x 496, 3x483) and several ToT LFR/normal pieces.

    I'm in a major dubio as I'm a retard with Simcraft and can't really get out trustworthy numbers myself (without having to regem/reforge every possible optional situation), so I'm hoping one of you has checked stuff like this before.

    In short: I have 483 T14 head, shoulders and chest. I also have 496 gloves and leggings.
    Currently I'm wearing 502 non-set head, 496 shoulders, 522 chest, 522 leggings and 496 T14-gloves.

    What would be BiS with my current gear, as stated above? Should I go for at least 2pT14? or 4pT14?
    When should I switch to 2pT14&2PT15 and/or 4pT15? Or should I neglect any bonusses and simply aim for highest ilvl (as I'm doing now, pretty much)?

    Please help?

    Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Keejos/simple

    With kind regards,


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    Easy answer is switch the 496 shoulders with 483 T14 shoulders: -13 ilvls + 2T14 bonus

    [You can go further and switch non-tier head/leggings for T14 pieces, but that is roughly break-even, so I wouldn't recommend it]

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