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    EU Servers down ?

    I can't log to any server or to eu.battlenet, anyone else with the same issue ?

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    i've been playing just fine for over an hour. EU Defias Brotherhood

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    Same here, lagged out of the game, can't get back in.
    Same with the battle net site, not working..
    Edit: Working again

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    No problem here.

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    same here, just got dc'ed and can't log in even after restarting my system and my router. remote app for iOS aint working as well.

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    Having the same problem, both eu.battle.net and all the ingame servers are unreachable for me.

    Update: Could get in now, seems to have been solved.
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    Same here, I can't get into the character screen for Dentarg or Daggerspine

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    Last time, same shit!first it was the instance world server down and then it got DC'd from the server. Just got to Primodius after the Durumu hell and snap there we go.

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    Just about to defeat Dark Animus at LFR...after a total of ~12 wipes in the entire raid and now dc...come on !

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    Yeah, I had latency issues when doing Black temple earlier on and now I can't log in and batlle.net only says 503. Serbice not available.
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    Just checked and i could log my old alts on Karazhan PVP. Cant log to Dragonblight tho.

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    Since a few Day, Battle.net is extremly slow.
    Yesterday we had some Instance Server crashes on Iron Qon HC and now the Server are completely down.

    That happens if the Provider (Telia) react as always and do nothing against a upcoming Problem.

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    Working for me now.

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    I can't currently view any characters. This has been happening a lot recently.
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