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    Yeah I guess to cover all bases the better option that doesn't gear us at an unacceptable rate would be the option to Veto 1 of the loots for a re-roll. It just seems a bit lame to me, no immersion behind it if you know what I mean, just yet another UI window to mess with. Lot of people mentioning they'd like a system that recognizes the classes and specs of group members. The problem with this is that blizzard only want us to gear at a particular rate, so a system like that would too drastically increase gearing speed... there still needs to be SOME wasted loot, just not as much as currently.

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    Useful loot always drops? Sweet. Oh, now we're full bis geared. Blizz make maor content plz. < Every time something like this comes up, this is the situation blizzard sees. Is it somewhat silly that RNG is, to a degree, necessary to prolong the life of the content? Yeah. But it helps buy development time.

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