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    Elemental Shaman - Understanding Sim'ing

    Hello fellow Shaman's...

    I am an Elemental shaman that reads these forums fairly regular, there seems to be several varied opinions on what stats to use etc etc...

    Now I had never "sim'ed" before today but every one says sim to see whats best for you so I decided to give it a go, tbh I am not 100% sure how to use the info I have received to my advantage.

    I use EM & PE mostly and have read that stacking Haste is best for this.

    This is my Armory: Kamkraft

    This is a reforge plot (I think lol) with these stats:

    Spell Haste 15.36% 9.87% 4195
    Spell Crit 22.58% 16.51% 4221
    Mastery 40.12% 30.12% 4233

    I read in a post (I think) that you don't really need more than 15% haste due to EM/ Hero

    This is a reforge plot with these stats:

    Spell Haste 24.45% 18.53% 7874
    Spell Crit 18.67% 12.60% 1839
    Mastery 35.72% 25.72% 2917

    This time I stacked haste as much as I could (this is also as it shows I should reforge here: Mr Robot)

    Being the noob I am I am not to sure where to go from here.... Do I stay as I am or do I change some stats now? both put out "about" the same dps overall. With the BIG difference in stat weights from one plot to the other I am not sure what is best for me to do.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,
    Kamkraft - Ele Shaman

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    haste "stat weight" as computed by simulationcraft is extremely unreliable for elemental shaman (see this blog from Binkenstein on totemspot for some extra hindsight).

    Basically, use the reforge that gives highest dps ("ignore" statweight), and if you want to know if it's worth reforging into haste or mastery (and how much), then do a "reforge plot" (usually between haste and mastery) and reforge to the "highest value" given on the graph.

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