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    Hello fellow Shamans, i was wondering if there is a way to macro Stoneform and Shamanistic Rage to the same button, but I dont want both to pop at the same time! just trying to free up space on my bars. thanks in advance

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    You can make a shift mod when you press shift plus the dedicated key-bind it pops both and when you press they key-bind with out shift it will just use sham rage

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    I personally use a modifier for my defensive macros

    /cast [nomod] Shamanistic Rage
    /cast [mod:shift] Stoneform

    Or you could use a cast sequence which resets after 1 minute which will use shamanistic rage and then stoneform, but then reset after 1 min to use shamanistc rage

    /castsequence reset=60 Shamanistic Rage, Stoneform

    Like I said though, I personally use a modifier macro so you can control which you use as it may be useful to pop stoneform (bleed on horridon adds) before shamanistic rage which the cast sequence wont allow you to do


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    Thanks for the help!
    /castsequence reset=60 Shamanistic Rage, Stoneform

    is just what i was looking for

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