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    Sum up your last raid with a quote from the latest Game of Thrones episode

    That was your job, your ONLY job!

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    Uhm... you know quotes from a tv series?

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    "Good Job"

    Shocker huh o.o
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    They don't need Nipples.
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    Well thats easy, because the very best character in that series is a dwarf, and I play one.

    Let's see here.

    When considering the 'Double Time" talent (warrior):
    Tyrion: "I'm a monster, as well as a dwarf. You should charge me double."

    After having died from healer derp:
    Tyrion: "Would it be excessive of me to ask you to save my life twice in a week?"

    After seeing hunters succesfully feign death during a wipe:
    Sandor (The Hound): "Any man dies with a clean sword, I'll rape his fu-king corpse!"

    When being distressed with terrible luck RNG-wise, still using a blue quality shield after months of Mogu'shan and that night's Primordius kill:
    Cersei: "The gods have no mercy, that's why they're gods."

    And finally, finishing up the night succesfully with a few guild-first kills, but not having reached Lei Shen yet:
    Jaime: Three victories don't make you a conquerer.
    Robb: It's better than three defeats.
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    I don't know the series, but if I were to hazard a guess... urm... 'Oh no I am dead like every other character ends up in this'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrus Vakarian View Post
    They don't need Nipples.
    haahahah, yes!

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    That was your only job.
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    "No loot...AGAIN".

    They must say that in GoT, right? I mean..it IS a fantasy series....

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    Bronn: I’m your friend, but I'm also a sellsword, and I don't lend my sword out to friends.
    Tyrion: Alright, then I'll keep paying you.
    Bronn: I'm a knight now, you need to pay me double. Knights are worth double.
    Tyrion: Double? I don't know how much I was paying originally!
    Bronn: Then you can afford it.

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    ... fuck the TV show. The books is where the real action is at.
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    On Tsulong:

    "The night is dark and full of Terrors" - Stannis

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    robb stark dies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiseone View Post
    robb stark dies
    Somebody dies in SoIaF. Whoa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dartungar View Post
    Somebody dies in SoIaF. Whoa.
    A bigger spoiler of the series is "xxx lives"

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    Not everyone has read or seen it, and we don't need a pile of spoilers ruining the show/books for other people.

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