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    2 x Shanker's or 1 x Shanker and 1 x Shiv?

    Hi there,

    If I take a look at some pro rogues armory, every single one of them use 2 x Shanker's and talked to Reckful who stated that it's because of the slow off-hand, but as I see it, the off-hand is as fast as the one-hand?

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    He said on stream that there is no speed difference any more because they are all 1.8 speed. I'm not sure what you heard..

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    Dagger speeds have been normalized since patch 5.0.4. There is now no difference between a shanker/shiv besides the item name.

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    Why would all the "pro rogues" use 2* Shanker when they already have an 2/2 upgraded Shiv from the last season? They'd spend their points on regular gear, gaining 2 ilevels here and there and prepare for the boost to 496 with the next patch.

    The only reason that comes to my mind: you can swap between differently enchanted (not poisoned) Shankers all day long without any hassle while Shiv is an offhand only weapon.

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    What I hear is that it makes no difference? Seems like there is a bit DPS difference though.

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    As from i can find, there's no Shiv for tyrannical gear.

    That makes the choice much easier XD anyway, looking at malevolent gear i found that Shiv and Shanker have exactly the same stats, so i don't know from what the choice depends.
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    Oh your right, even though my AtlassLoot shows it, hmm....

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    Last season's gear was created early on- likely before the 1.8 for all daggers was finalized (and maybe even after, but they were worried they would revert).

    All daggers are 1.8 except the spellblade, which is no longer beneficial to use (the speed was a minor part of that- it was all about the free pvp power).

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