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    Wich PvP set for lvl 90

    Guys im a total noob i was just wondering wich the best PvP set is for arms , i already bought the Malevolent Gladiator plate chestplace was this the right choice ?

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    Sure i'll bite. Warriors only have one pvp set, unlike other classes such as druid/paladin/etc. When it comes to best,
    Tyrannical > s12 Malevolent(2/2) > s13 Malevolent > s12 Malevolent > Dreadful

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    I guess he's talking about the offpieces Look for crit in the first place on all pieces and mastery is superior to haste due to it's bursty nature.

    Trinkets: Badge so you can line it up with your other cooldowns + crit Medallion

    Ps: aim for set first, it's boni make it superior to offpieces and insignia right afterwards

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    That's the best you'll get before you have enough conquest for the tyrannical chest.

    Edit: Proficiency neck+wrist, alacrity cape, prowess belt and cruelty boots.

    Focus on getting chest, legs and medallion trinket first, then weapon.
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