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    Smile Lvl 60 twink tier 3 world PVP Joyofc insane slaughtering

    Alright! so i've had this old 60 twink warrior for a while, spended over 150k for the tier 3 set, soooo i went out to the outland and said to my self, lets do some world pvp! i'de love to see what you guys think about it and i'de love to hear some advice so i can get better in the future and create better films for you guys! Just check my youtube channel cus i'm not allowed to link the link.. --REMOVED--
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    where's the video?

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    Assume you mean this video, OP: --REMOVED--


    Watched it, and whilst I appreciate the effort you put into it OP, I couldn't get over the fact you basically only won because of Second Wind for the most part. You should also try to strafe more, constantly running through your target and then spinning just looks messy, I couldn't quite put my finger on what you were doing, but it was just... uh.. Clunky?
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    Quote Originally Posted by AceGoodheart View Post
    where's the video?
    "I am not allowed to post links" I'm guessing Joyingoldshire is the youtube channel name. Is it that hard to read?

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    Thats right buddy yeeh.. new here so it they dont alow me to link it yet sadly :/ but what did you think pal?

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    lol have got 2 disslikes in less then 2 mins, not sure if it was those i nuked during the film or ppls who dont like my work

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    alright pal, yeeh i've got told manny times to strafe.. but yeh... what can i say..i do my own way but will try to master that! thanks for your feedback btw!

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