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    Blood Infusion - Legendary Pain

    I am currently on the Blood Infusion part of my Shadowmourne questline, now this has proven to be a lot more painful then I have initially anticipated. I am currently on my 3rd failed attempt at getting this quest completed, and now I am seeking guidance as to how to get this quest completed.

    My first attempt, the first person bitten did not bite me, nor did the second. Lack of communication is what I will blame it on for the sake of me raging.

    Second Attempt, I ran in offtanked Blood Queen. I got bitten first, were doing great. I bit 3 people, we burned her. No quest completed.... UGH I forgot to equip Shadows Edge.. I facepalmed.

    Third Week.. SHADOWS EDGE WAS EQUiPED the second I entered ICC. We pull, I get blood mirror then run away and it turns to a different debuff cannot recall. The mage gets bitten first, so he bites me next. Then I bite 3 people and have Gushing Wind debuff x3. Throughout the fight sometimes I would end up to close to blood queen because the tank was stupid and kept moving her around, so I entered in and out of blood mirror, dont know if this is relevant. Once I had 3 stacks of gushing winds, we burned her. No quest completed, shadows edge was equipped...

    I don't know what I am doing wrong, do I have to click anything once I get the Gushind Winds debuff x 3? Or just burn her here, or what? Thanks for any tips in advance, im going crazy doing this.

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    The easiest way to complete the infusion avoiding any mishaps your PUGs may cause is to...

    Stack your dps and healers at the back of the room near the stairs and tell them only to stand there, doing nothing until your call/when the infuser has finished gaining the first Essence of the Blood Queen

    You will need 3 players to make the situation as easy as possible, One to tank the boss, The infuser to gain gushing wound from Blood Mirror (which is gained when stacking on the tank) and another player preferably an Off-Tank to soak blood mirror

    The tank runs in to the boss, the infuser stacks on the tank and gains blood mirror whilst your 3rd player stands behind the boss. As soon as Gushing Wound is gained by the infuser from blood mirror, the 3rd player (off-tank) switches places so that the infuser can dps the boss from behind. This is ideal because the player with the largest amount of threat who isnt the tank or under the effects of blood mirror gains the first Essence of the Blood Queen from the Blood Queen which will effectively cut the infusion by a minute.

    The healer's and dps should still be standing at the back of the room until the infuser gain's the first bite. Healer's should not be healing until he gains the first bite in order for no one to gain threat but the 3 prior players. The rest of the fight is relatively easy as long as the infuser bites pre-assigned players or any players surrounding him.

    Note: The infuser cannot gain the first Essence of the Blood Queen if they are still under the effects of blood mirror and always make sure the infuser has Shadow's Edge equipped otherwise the infusion will be wasted.

    -Credits Youcantbeserious

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    OK thank you, i will give this a try

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